Waters of Hawaii

The islands of Hawaii make up 8 different islands filled with beaches, reefs, and all sorts of underwater creatures. These islands are some of the only southern east islands of the pacific making it a safe place and home of many sea animals. From the beaches of Hawaii you can see migrating whales, dolphins, and tons of sea turtles.

Waters of Hawaii

All over the beaches of Hawaii you can find places to rent snorkeling gear, paddleboards, kayaks, and even jet skis. I’ve always dreamt of what taking a paddleboard over a reef would look like! Hawaii is known for their perfect beaches due to their clean teal waters, and their perfect sandy beaches. A particular must go beach is on the Big Island, called the “Papakolea Green Sand Beach.” The sand from this beach is made up of several different minerals giving this sand a vibrant green look. Traveling to and from the Hawaiian islands can be very affordable if planned ahead, round trips costs around 50 USD.

Snorkeling on Hawaii is a very easy way to see a variety of fish and tons of sea turtles! Each island of Hawaii has countless easy accesses to these beaches, making it a very affordable do-it yourself day trip. Although I have heard Maui has the best snorkeling. Before you get to Hawaii pack your own snorkeling gear or buy a set because Hawaii’s stores are quite expensive and renting a set for one hour may cost you up to 15 USD. If interested in only seeing turtles there are many tours out there that will take you around parts of the islands that they conjugate in! Costs for these tours are usually around 85 USD. Also, get up early! Your chances to see dolphins are when the sunrises and fish are usually more active in the morning!

Hawaii also has a variety of different kinds of diving and many dive shops to choose from! When shark diving in Hawaii you can see, a variety of hammerheads, Blacktip Sharks, Tiger Sharks, a variety of reef sharks, and Galapagos! Shark dives usually cost about 115 USD. Some other great animals to see when diving in Hawaii is octopuses, puffer fish, and squids. Another great dive is at night with the manta rays! Costing only 40 USD you can see manta rays the size of your arm span and even larger. The fish that manta rays eat are very attracted to lights, so when diving in with your flashlight you’ll be swarmed with manta rays trying to feed all around you. Some other dives to look out for is through caves, arches, and old ship and plane wrecks!

Although there are strict laws protecting humpback whales there are several locations in the cannels of Hawaii to see these ginormous mammals! Out of all the humpback whales alive today about half of them reside around the island of Maui for their winters. These whales stay in this area till they migrate back to Alaska for their summers. Humpback whales often hang around the parts of islands with giant cliffs getting them the closest to shores, where the warmest parts of the waters are.

Get past the tourist attractions and buzzing streets! Hawaii has much more to offer, with their diverse water animals and their Jurassic mountains, you will not be disappointed with your stay.

Useful link: Official Hawaii tourism site – http://www.gohawaii.com/en/

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