Why you have to visit Los Angeles

Meeting all the stars, that’s what most people think of, when it comes to visit LA. There is actually much more to the city. It offers a lot, and therefore it has got something for everyone.


los angeles

Of course there are all the sightseeing points. The musts are: Taking a picture of the Hollywood letters in the hills. Walking down rodeo drive and going at least in one shop. The entries are guarded and everyone will eye you, thinking: what the heck is he doing here? He does not belong here. They make you feel very uncomfortable, at least that is how I experienced it. Afterwards you also need to have a look at the ‘Walk Of Fame’, taking pictures with you and the stone of your favourite famous person. Those are just the three main points, of course there are many more. A good way to get to know the city is by doing a bus tour, for example with ABC Tours. They will show you the most popular sightseeing points and will also give you some information about them. You have also the chance to get out and have a look for about 30 minutes at certain locations, like Beverly Hills. The driver will show you the homes of the stars as well. This is actually forbidden, by law, but they can do it because their vans are not authorized tourist tour vehicles. That is why the driver might ask you to tell you are friends, in case there is a police control. Only 7 people fit in a van, so be quick. I recommend driver Donny. They also offer tours to the theme parks, museums and a tour during night time.


Los Angeles downtown
Los Angeles downtown

Speaking of museums and theme parks, there are a lot of them. The best amusement park is Six Flags, many roller coasters and rides. It is an hour away though. As for the museums, my favourite one was the ‘Museum Of Tolerance’, located in 9786 West Pico Blvd, 30 minutes away from Santa Monica beach.

Talking about beaches, since Los is located directly at the sea, there are many beaches around. The most popular ones Santa Monica beach and Venice beach. A very nice one is Manhattan Beach, there a guy named Alonso offers private surf lessons, for beginners and advanced. He will do one and a half hour for 80$, in a group even cheaper. If you are interested just message him: alonso@explain.com.

If you plan to stay a little bit longer, there are many trips you can do for one or two days. Catalina Island for example is worth a visit. A nice way to explore the island is to rent bikes, I recommend Bike Catalina (e-mail: www.BikeCatalina.com). It is a rocky but beautiful island. The most fascinating thing to do in California is probably to visit the Big Bear Lake. It is a great destination for summer and winter. The lake is located in Sant Bernadino Mountains, about two and a half hours away from Los Angeles. There are many things to do. You can go skiing or snowboarding in the skiing area Snow Summit. There are many places to rent the gear. Other than that there are many hiking trails or just rent bikes and enjoy the surrounding. The view is breathtaking!

As you see, lots to do in LA! It is worth a visit!

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