Two days in Kuala Lumpur for under 10 USD

If you are a girl and come to Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday and Thursday, you can visit the city, eat to the fullest and get drunk every day for 10$ !!

Here are some of my advice’s how to manage that (of course, you don’t have to be that extreme, but still find following advice’s useful).


1) First of all, find a couchsurfer – not only to get to stay with her/him for free, but to learn more about the city and Malaysian culture. If You don’t want to use couchsurfing, or you cant find a host, you can get a bed in a dormitory for 3/4 dollars, which is still super cheap.


Also, if You are flying in to Kuala Lumpur, I have a little practical advice on the side, for you:
take a couch bus instead of the fast train. Sure the trip takes up to 2 hours (instead of 30min on a train), but it costs only RM10 (2,3$), while the KLIA EKPRES costs RM35.


2) Generally, food is quite cheap in KL, but the best and cheapest food can be found in Little India and China Town. Personally, I’m a huge Indian-food-fan, so I’d eat a rotti or a thosai (a super thin, sour pencake) for breakfast and supper (I really can’t get enough of those – they are so delicious!) all year long, if I could 🙂 Especially, that in local restaurants they cost as little as RM 1,5-2,5 with 3 complimentary currys. You eat two of those and you are full!

For the dinner, eat a proper meal for RM 7-8 (2$) meat, curry, rice – all comes in huge portions and really good quality!

Batu caves

3) First thing I would see in KL is – Batu Caves. Just a 20 minutes train ride from the city center, you can find yourself in a different world. Far from muslim Malaysians, burkas and mosques, just few steps from the train station you walk into a Hindu place of wonders. With its colorful temples, gigantic statues, women dressed in Saris, all of that surrounded by a limestone hill with a truly magnificent series of caves and cave temples with giant (47 meter high) golden statue of Lord Murugan located in the foot of Batu Hill.

How to spend 10$ for a 2 day visit in Kuala Lumpur

NO ENTRENCH FEE, to most parts of Batu Caves (you can just skip the paying parts as I did).

Women should wear skirts or trouses, that cover their knees – if not, one should rent a shawl
for RM3 to climb (272 steps) to view the Temple cave.

Also I highly recommend to eat something in one of the small local restaurants near Lord Murugan statue, as we ate the best Indian food in Malaysia, right there. As any other Indian food in KL- it’s very cheap (2$ worth of thosais and currys, will make you full for the whole day).

DIRECTIONS: KTM Komuter train takes you to the caves on the Batu Caves – Port Klang line. An adult single fare is RM2.00 from KL central to Batu Caves.

Transportation in Kuala Lumpur

4) As long as we are talking about public transport, you should be happy to know, that there are free buses going to many central parts of the city (especially Central Business District) – completely FOR FREE! I think most tourist doesn’t know about it, cause the buses are mostly filled with Malaysians. I don’t know why, cause it’s a really handy comute around the city, the buses come very often, in every 10 minutes or so and every line has a FREE wi-fi!!

Operations hours for all lines are :

Monday – Thursday : 6.00am-11.00pm
Friday – Saturday : 6.00am-1.00am
Sunday : 7.00am-11.00am

Petronas Towers

5) While in Kuala Lumpur, the main attraction is to see Petronas Towers – the symbolic buildings of Malaysian capital. Obviously, you can see them for free from the outside and walk around the businesses area, taking selfies among other tourists trying to save the moment in best possible way. You can also go to the huge and luxury shopping center, that is inside the first few floors of Petronas Towers, but I wouldn’t call buying anything there a cheap activity.

Petronas tower

The problems begin, if You wanna go to the top of the tower – first of all, because its impossible for tourist to visit the last floor, only to Skybridge – connecting the two towers on the level 41 and 42 you have to pay RM85 (20$)! Personally I think, that’s way too pricey – just to see the panorama of the city. Fortunately we found a solution!

You can go to the nearby skyscraper – Traders Hotel, go up to the 33rd floor, where SKY BAR is and enjoy the views, just for the price of a (mandatory) drink. Of course the drinks are way overpriced, but it’s still cheaper than Petronas bridge, plus you get to drink a beer or something.
Also you would be pleased to know, that:

From 11:00 am – 09:00 pm there is HAPPY HOUR!
Large beer costs 20-22 RM (5$), after 09:00 RM 44!

Now, the best news of all: On Wednesdays from 06:00 pm – 11:00 pm LADIES DRINK FOR FREE!!!So not only, you do not pay entrance fee, but you get drunk for free!

For more promos, check-out the picture below:

A4 Happy Hour Menu

Sky Bar is pretty exclusive with it’s swimming pool in the middle of the club (no, you can’t use it), fancy drinks etc, so it’s best to wear some of Your nicer clothes (doesn’t have to be posh, but not too hobo:).

Drinking in Kuala Lumpur

Drinking in Kuala Lumpur

6) While we are on the subject of drinking in KL. I would recommend girls to go out on Thuersday night to the Changkat Bukit Bintang area. Where in most of the bars, you get to drink for free (sometimes as much as You want). Forgive me for not being more specific with bar names, but after 10 vodka’s and 5 tequila’s shots (of course FOR FREE), it’s hard for me to remember anything.

China town in Kuala Lumpur


7) Before going drinking, you should walk around Chinatown, catch some cheap street-food, while you there. My favourite is Raddish cake (around RM5), perfect for vegetarians.

Taman Tasik Perdana

Taman Tasik Perdana

8) Tropical lake garden – Taman Tasik Perdana, just 10 minutes’ walk from Chinatown is a beautiful, sprawling landscaped city park set around a big lake. This park is full of huge tropical trees, fragrant flowering bushes, waterfalls, landscaped gardens, a small deer park and several other attractions. To name just a few, there’s a giant children’s playground, outdoor gym, walking paths, benches and even an inexpensive outdoor food market for lunch-goers.

The outdoor bird park and museums charge rather high entry fees, but walking, sitting, cycling and enjoying the tropical paradise are all FREE.

So to sum-up. Daily You can spend around 4$ on food, times two (days)  = 8$ and 1$ for public transport – to go to Batu Caves, 1$ for water (By the way, use water dispensers if you see any, this way you pay 4 times less than for bottled water from a shop).


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