Tummies an outstanding drinking game


Are you looking for a drinking game that stands out? How about a mix of beer pong and flip cup? Well it’s here and It’s called Tummies! From the moment I learned to play in Canada to now teaching it to fellow backpackers through out the world – Tummies is spreading all over the world. The best thing about it, everybody likes it; it’s challenging, faster than beer pong and a good alternative to beer pong or other common drinking games.

Next time you want to play a social drinking game, you’ll stand out from everybody by suggesting Tummies! Here you go!

 Tummies an outstanding drinking game

The Tummies basics

-4 players.

-Each player is standing on one of the 4 corners of the table.

-The person diagonal to you is your team mate.

-Each player has 4 cups of booze in front of them placed in a diamond shape. Fill the usual plastic party cups half way.

-Place one glass of water in the middle of the table. This is for rinsing the balls and for the final part of the game.

-2 ping pong balls are needed. One per team

-The table you play on should be a table suitable for playing beer pong table (rectangular with 90 degree corvers)

How to play tummies

Begin the game with the two people of opposite teams on the same end of the table having the balls. Tap the balls together saying ‘tummies’ to begin the game.

Then bounce the ball diagonally across the table to your team member. The ball must bounce once on the table, hit your team mates tummy, then (hopefuly) fall into a cup directly in front of them. If the ball doesn’t go in, each team mate will try until they get it in. Both teams are doing this at the same time with their balls. If the ball goes in your team mate will yell ‘Tummies’, take the ball out of the cup, pass the cup to the opposite team besides you and continue playing.

The player who just got passed the cup must stop their game, skull the drink and put the cup bottems down on the table and flip the cup bottems up. Once this is completed they can continue playing – unless they have more cups to drink!

When a team has no cups on either team mates side they must aim for the middle cup of water. The rule here is to bounce the ball twice before it goes into the cup. Don’t be fooled – this is the hardest part. But once done you are the winner!!

If you are willing to play again, check you can walk in a straight line. If so fill you cups up! It is highly prohibited to drive after playing Tummies! I am sure you will understand why when you play it!





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