Trnava and its laid back culture

70 000 inhabitants plus the students from other cities and villages, long term or day time visitors make the city of Trnava lively and high spirited. The town itself has a lot to offer. There is much history and culture breathing within the inner city of the old town hidden behind the medieval walls. Trnava became the first royal town in Slovakia and it has one of the oldest Universities in the country. It has a perfect location close to the capitol – Bratislava and other big cities, such as Vienna or Budapest. It is not a metropolis but it is cosy with its own atmosphere and culture.

There are three cafes amongst other, that are especially worth mentioning: Thalmeiner, Synagoga and Leharo. They serve coffee and homemade cakes, however they differ from each other in their own special atmosphere.

Thalmeiner was the first one out of these three. It is located on the main, central square, nearby is the theatre and the cinema. It is very sophisticated in the design with the black shiny tiles on the floor, classy comfortable furniture. It offers three places to sit for its customers. The first one is open only during hot summer months, situated outside with its lavish armchairs and sofas. It is perfect for drinking cold lemonades while checking out the whole square which is right in front of you. The inside is made of two seating systems, one is in the front and one behind the door at the back. The more obvious, frontal part offers four chairs tables or armchairs that are a bit hidden behind a wall made of open shelves filled up with books and table games, such as chess.susosienajsvtrojice_011

Thalmeiner’s menu consists of fresh sandwiches, cakes, coffees, herbal teas, fresh lemonades and wines.

The second mentioned cafe is Synagoga. It is located in a truly spectacular building, in a former Jewish temple. It has a huge middle space and small compartments by both sides divided by the glass walls from the main café space which is perfect that you feel private but not claustrophobic. While enjoying your cup of coffee at this particular café you can listen to soft instrumental music. Moreover, I advise you to look at the beautiful frescas painted above you on the ceilings. Synagoga is definitely a place where you could enjoy your breakfast, light lunch or afternoon/evening drink.

The last mentioned is Leharo. It is more laid back than the two mentioned above. It is more cosy and homey. You can sit outside at the back of the café or inside either upstairs or in the basement. The café is very popular by young people mainly. It has the most delicious chesecakes that you will find in the city. The best ones are perhaps the caramel cheesecake, coconut cheesecake or raspberry white chocolate cheesecake.

All in all, if you decide to go to any of these places you will be blown away by its quality and comfort. So, just lay back and enjoy your cup of coffee.

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