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You are only young once. Take advantage of your youth and explore the world. There is a lot of pressure on youth to jump right into getting their future started. We are preemptively forced into the rat race in the West, robbing us of our youth. We are forced to grow up and become adults; to pay off our student debt and enter into the system of slavery capitalism imposes upon us. Our lives are objectified and often considered unfulfilled if we remain unemployed. Consider the term ´broke´. The language we use engrains the idea that if we do not have money, that we are in some way broken. This poses an issue to me in the way that we view our existence. There is more to life than making money. There are other ways of living that do not revolve around economics or a global market. It is difficult to see this without escaping the constructs of our reality and expose ourselves to other ways of living.


My suggestion is to travel first and figure everything else out after. This way you are able to make a more informed decision about where you want to go, where your desires and passions lie. And you never know if a life changing opportunity will present itself to you on your travels.


Travelling is, in my opinion, the best form of education. A form of education that is implicit. You are able to learn from within, learn about yourself through your experiences. Travelling is experiential knowledge. This form of self-development is best done at an early age because it enables you to develop confidence in your decision making skills, in turn decreasing self-doubt. Exposure to multiple world views, ways of living and understanding, equips you with internal plurality. Allowing yourself to escape the confines of your social conditioning and identify what is meaningful to you in life plays a fundamental role in reaching happiness. With this knowledge, you can think more critically and engage yourself on a deeper level. You can ask questions about yourself, but not question yourself.

When you are young, you have no familial obligations, no job to tie you down; the world is your oyster! A lack of responsibility is crucial to feeling a sense of freedom. True freedom is being able to go wherever you want to go, whenever you want to.

When you are young, you can fall in love, have your heart broken, learn from it and heal. It is all part of the adventure, increasing your knowledge base and preparing you for your future endeavors. As travelling when young helps familiarize yourself with who you are, it makes it much easier to love yourself. Loving yourself in your most natural state is true beauty.

Another important aspect to consider before you jump into the next phase of your life is your health. We will not always have out health. You can still be young and find out your health is in some way jeopardized. Live your life to the fullest and optimize every moment. Take advantage of what the world offers and beat the clock.

There is no time like the present.






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