Why to travel Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is often underrated and feared by the western countries. Yes, it is poorer and less sophisticated, it is absolutely more raw and authentic and exactly this is why you should travel to Eastern countries, such as Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania and else. These countries will give you thrill of some real backpacking and hitchhiking. If you have never done any of these, it is the perfect opportunity to start in Eastern Europe.

  1. It is safe. Of course, even when you travel with a tour guide it is not 100% safe but it is definitely safer than travelling on your own. However, you need not to be alarmed. If you are observant and mindful of your surroundings and people you get into contact you should be safe.why travel to eastern europe
  2. People are nice. It is important to realize that neither Bulgarians nor Romanians are scary thieves or murderers. Most of the time they will try to help you. Especially in Romania people are trying to speak English although it is often difficult for them. In Bulgaria, if you come From Slavic countries, it is better to speak in your mother tongue. Let’s say you are from Slovakia, then you should speak in Slovak and the Bulgarians will answer you in Bulgarian. Otherwise, they can be quite offend if you speak in English.
  3. National cuisines and food in general. You will find a lot of dairy products to indulge in, pastries and cakes. Also, if you find yourself in Romania, do not hesitate to try the most delicious chocolate – Heidies. The most special product out of this chocolate line is probable the one with caramelized almonds within milk chocolate.why to travel to eastern europe
  4. Nature and history. If you decide to go through central part of Romania which is called Transylvania, you will not only see beautiful mountains but also experience the medieval history of its country. There is also Dracula’s Castle which is quite spectacular to look at from the distance. Cities like Brasov, Sighisoara or Sibiu are must see stops.roman 2

If you end up in Veliko Tarnovo, city in Bulgaria, close to the border with Romania you can get amazing views on the city which is built on the surrounding hills. The narrow cobbled stones streets and the colorful houses will take you to another world.

  1. The last and most important is the last reason – hitchhiking! It is easy, relatively quick and it is adventurous.


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