Top three National Parks of the USA

The United States of America offers a great diversity of places to see and activities to enjoy. While many come here for business, shopping, city visits and beach experiences, the variety of remarkable National Parks is what makes this destination even more attractive.  The choices are endless – you can go hiking and trekking, kayaking, mountain climbing, camping, and fishing – you name it.  Here are three of my most favourite National parks throughout several states of the USA.


My all times favourite is the Yellowstone National Park that is located in the states of Wyoming (bigger part of it), Idaho and Montana and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is known for its steaming hot springs, boiling mud pools, geysers and multi-coloured landscapes created by the volcanic and hydrothermal activities. One of the main attractions here is the Grand Prismatic spring that is very big in diameter and therefore most impressive when observed from the air. It has fluorescent blue colour in the middle bordered by yellow and orange circles with orange rays-like lines making it look like a drawing of sun.


Top three National Parks of the USA

Old Faithful is an erupting geyser is another recognisable feature of the park. You can witness several eruptions during your visit and you will surely be impressed. Spending your time in the Yellowstone will let you see its valleys, lakes, rapids, cascades, falls, springs and geysers. Go to the areas of Madison, Norris, Mammoth Hot springs, Tower-Roosevelt and the Canyon.

There is a big deal of wildlife to view. I was very impressed by seeing so many Buffalos. The best way to travel to the park and in the park is by car, but there are also tours, that take you there.


The Grand Canyon is the most world widely known National park in the States, located in the North of the Arizona state.

I travelled there by car from Las Vegas, but it is also reachable for Los Angeles, Phoenix and Flagstaff. It has its own Railway, that operates and train taking you to the Canyon from the town of Williams.

Words fail to describe the greatness and the beauty of this natural wonder, its scale, its shape, its colours, its natural richness.

There are several viewing platform that allow you to have a glimpse of the park in the distance obtainable by a human eye.

However in my view the best experience I had was a long hike to the Colorado river. As we reached the Canyon quite late in the day, our descent started in the later afternoon. Most of the people were already returning from their hike by that point of time, so we ended up avoiding all the crowds. It took a few hours of hiking to the river and we were there by the sunset.  It was perfect timing, because this is when the Canyon is blooming with its best colours and shapes. Except us there were just few other people, so it was fantastic to feel that the Canyon was there all to ourselves. The hike back seemed to be much longer, but also much more adventurous, because we did not expect trekking the Great Canyon in the darkness of the night without the flashlight. We stayed in a tent not far from the canyon, but in fact on the way we noticed that there was a camp ground inside the Canyon, which would be a great option for exploring it for longer time.  Besides the viewing and hiking there are optional activities like rafting on the Colorado river, mountain biking, star gazing, ranger programs, mule rides, guided tours and of course multiple trails from a few hours to many days of exploration.


Bryce Canyon National Park is situated in the State of Utah and has a shape of several big amphitheatres filled with bright orange spire-like peaks.  The forces that created this spectacular landscape were natural erosion and winds. On my travels I have seen Canyons similar to the Grand Canyon, but never nothing like Bryce taking into consideration the combinations of crazy shapes and bright colour. The sunset viewing was gorgeous and there were many professional photographers from magazines all around the world on the same spot. The park offers many loop hikes from 2 to 15 km long, that I did not have time to do during my trip, but which will be the reason for me to come back to Bryce.  The park is reachable by air to the Brice Canyon airport or by car from Las Vegas.


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