Top five things to do in the Cape, South Africa

The Cape is a magical place. When I say ‘magical,’ I mean it from the point of view that it is enthralling. With miles and miles of landscape and things to do, you will never get bored.  From whale sightings to chilling with penguins, it is perfect for any animal lover. From hiking up Table Mountain to camping amongst hippos, it is great for the adventurer in you.

  1. Table Mountain
Table Mountain
Table Mountain


Cape Town is the capital of South Africa boasting a 3.75 million population. It is one of the most impressive cityscapes, with table mountain towering above watching her city sleep, work and play. It is possible to hike up Table Mountain, with 3.5 hours to complete. If you are more racked for time and energy, you can take a cable car which takes just 5 minutes. It is ideal to go up there just in time for the sunset so that you can watch one of the most beautiful African sunsets. There will be a guide also who is very knowledgeable and can answer pretty much any question about South African botany.



  1. Spotting Whales


This is a very special event which is foolish to miss if you get the chance. Hermanus is a sleepy town on your way to Cape Town, so it is a perfect place to stop by on your way. Whales often migrate to the coast of South Africa so they can move to warmer climates through May to December. When the locals spot a whale, a bell is rung that echoes through the town. This is when the town suddenly wakes up. It is recommended that you do a walk along the cliff face to try and spot the whales. Don’t be too disappointed if they are a little far away, but it’s still definitely a worthwhile experience.

  1. Visiting the Ostrich farm


Now you may think; ‘’Why has visiting an Ostrich farm made the list?’’ I will tell you why. It is probably one of the most fun experiences you can have in the Cape. The farm in question is called Oudtshoorn and is located in the Little Karoo. Here, you can experience standing on an ostrich egg, (without it breaking,) incredibly. You can also try many Ostrich based foods. You can try Ostrich scrambled egg, Ostrich curry, Ostrich steak… you name it. You can also feed them with feed in buckets if you desire. And for the grand finale, you can even give riding an Ostrich a go. If you like, you can ride an Ostrich the same day as you eat one…

  1. Canoeing down the Orange river

Orange river

Now this one certainly isn’t for the faint hearted. It is definitely an experience to be had, however. The Orange river flows through the red sands of the Kalahari desert, weaving between South Africa and Namibia. You can take a guide with you for 4 days and explore some of the best unspoilt lands. Do be warned though; the rapid that is named ‘Big Bunny,’ will quite literally knock you off your feet.  In the winter, there is a lot less water so there are more rocks to watch out for. In the summer, there is a lot more rainfall, so canoeing down them is like trying to master a never-ending wave pool at your local swimming baths.

  1. Camping with Hippos


If you love safari, this is a great option for you. You can choose to camp in tents already set up for you, while you have a typical South African braai in the bush. During the day, you can go on walking safaris with your fully equipped and trained guide who will tell you all you need to know about how to stay alive in case you get lost for days. Move over Bear Grylls!


For more information, please visit your local travel agent who specialize in South African holidays. Have fun!

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