Top 5 Party Hostels in South America

There are some well known party hostels along the Gringo Trail.  Many of them are chains and offer discounts or shirts for those who stay at multiple locations.  You can give each a try, like I did, to decide for yourself, which one parties the hardest.  Even the top party hostels in South America are priced around $10, offer free

Loki (Chain)

  • Cusco, Lima, & Mancora, PERU
  • La Paz, BOLIVIA
  • Salta, ARGENTINA

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Everyone who has travelled the Gringo Trail, and likes to party, has stayed at a Loki hostel, and has told everyone they meet to stay there, too.  Loki is the God of Mischief according to Norse mythology, and I can guarantee, this hostel chain stands to it’s name with all the drunken mischief that goes on.  Loki Del Mar in Mancora, stands out because it offers warm weather in the north of Peru, is actually on the beach, has a pool, hammocks, balconies and a raging bar and excellent restaurant.  The place looks like a resort, but parties like an American college party.  The place is designed so that you never need to or want to leave the hostel.  The town honestly isn’t much and beach is alright.  But the wild staff, atmosphere and amenities keep you in.  Your day is spent counting down to the next happy hour for the buy one get one free beers or blended cocktails.  With new activities every night, you will never get bored at a Loki hostel.



Pariwana  (Chain)

  • Cusco, Lima, PERU

hostels in south america

Every night a fun event takes place to keep you entertained.  Ping pong and beer pong tournaments, movie night, live bands and DJs, free salsa lessons, pub quiz and bing, poker night, drinking games, neon party with free body paint, or free jello shots and pisco shots, are just some of the ways Pariwana gets tit’s guests to mingle and get the night started.  You will end the night dancing on tables and start your morning eating your free breakfast off the same tables.  The building in Cusco has a huge courtyard in the center, with bean bags to lounge during the day or a movie room with a plethora of pillows and DVDs for a rainy day, or recovering from the Inca Trail or hangover.


Wild Rover (Chain)

  • La Paz, BOLIVIA
  • Cusco, Arequipa, PERU

hostels in south america
When I first walked into Wild Rover in La Paz on a Saturday night, I questioned if it was a hostel or a club.  Girls were dancing on the bar, the beats were bumping so hard I thought the second floor would collapse, and everyone had a drink or two in their hands.  The next morning, everyone seemed wrecked.  Thankfully, it’s loaded with hammocks and a huge menu of cheap meals to cure your hangover.  The high altitude in Cusco and La Paz makes you get intoxicated quicker, so everyone is a cheap date.


Che Legarto (Chain)

  • Bonito, Buzios, Curitiba, Florianapolis, Fortoleza, Foz do Iguaçu, Ihla Grande, Itacare, João Passoa, Maresias, Morro São Paolo, Natal, Paraty, Porto de Galhinas, Copacabana & Ipanema -Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Sãp Paolo, BRAZIL
  • Buenos Aires, Mar de Plata, ARGENTINA
  • Montevideo, URUGUAY
  • Santiago, CHILE
  • Lima, Peru

hostels in south america

This extensive chain, mostly based in Brazil, is known for their fantastic staff, great accommodation, and lively atmosphere.  With encouragement like stickers on the walls that say “Save water. Shower together.” accompanied by an image of two figures banging in the shower, you know it’s going to get wild.  Some hostels offer a welcome drink, like a caipirihna in Brazil, the nation’s cocktail.  You can hang out in the bar with your new roommates, playing drinking games, prepping for the night out.  Rio de Janeiro offers the best party.  The Copacabana location has a roof top terrace and pool, while the Ipanema location is literally a block from the beach.    Enjoy a fresh breakfast, (the best I’ve ever had a hostel was at the Ipanema location), and hit the beach to nap in the sun as you recount the number of caipirihnas you downed.



  • Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hostels in South AmericaThis legendary party hostel is the one everyone has been telling you to go to in Buenos Aires.  It’s in a great location, but more importantly, there are nightly themed parties.  Whether it is a toga party, panty party, foam party, candy party, mud party, black party, white party, stoplight party, or an anything but clothes party, you’ve heard about how epic it was.  There are many big night clubs like Niceto and Pacha that everyone wants to hit one of their nights there.  In Argentina, you can take a nap at 10pm, start pre-gaming around 11:30pm, leave the hostel around 2am, dance your ass off until 6am, and go to bed at 7am with your ears still ringing from the music at the club and the smell of Fernet and Coke on your breath.  Sleep in till 1pm, find water and food, and recover to start all over again at the bar downstairs.

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