Top 10 Things To Do In Cape Town

Dive with Sharks

Great white sharks are some of the most dangerous, frightening animals. Known for their jaws filled with the sharpest of teeth. These sharks don’t hunt for their food but act spontaneously, by eating anything moving in the water. In the peninsula of Cape Town you can find many dive shops offering “cage diving” with these wild sharks in the deep waters. Costs for diving with sharks are about hundred USD.

Shop Downtown


Cape Town is a very “new age” city, giving you a ton of variety in each store. From old artifacts made off of African culture to the most diverse selection of clothes. Downtown has some of the most well decorated restaurants filled with unique spins on food! This hip town is filled with live music and markets. The markets have really great stands filled with trinkets and local art, an excellent spot for purchasing souvenirs if you are on a budget.  Another part of the city to visit is the “green point” aka “sea point.” Green point is the city’s main port, here you can ride ferris wheels, shop, and check out the boats. Green point also has beautiful bridges to walk over giving you the chance to see some seals swimming along the bay. Perfect for a dreary day, at this port you can find an aquarium and some other museums.


Seal Island

This island is located East of Simons Bay and can be visited via boat. At this island lives more than hundreds of seals that you can swim with. Booking a tour usually cost around sixty USD. Going around the month of March you can see baby seals that are only about a foot or two long. These Seals are very curious creatures that love to swim and spin around you.



Top 10 Things To Do In Cape Town

These cute little animals can be found on many different locations along the peninsula. But the best time for viewing is early morning when the beaches are the quietest. In Simon Town, south of the city, you can find a penguin sanctuary. Here there are nice places to walk around, and find hundreds of hidden penguins.

Table Mountain

A “New 7 Wonder of the World,” overlooks the whole city and the beautiful bays of Cape Town. If interested you can hike to the top of this mountain, it is an intermediate to advanced hike taking up to 5 hours round trip. For a quicker trip to the top you can take a tram. Once getting to the top enjoy the views, they’re truly outstanding. Try to get this last tram up and catch the sunset!


Cape of Good Hope


This location is the most southern point of the peninsula of Cape Town. Cape of Good Hope is an excellent location to view; beautiful green mountains, tall white cliffs, and gorgeous views of the ocean. Getting to this overlook you must either rent a motorbike or book a tour, it takes about 30 minutes to drive down. Through out this drive there are many good places to stop at with phenomenal overlooks. Getting to the top of Cape of Good Hope will be one of the most gorgeous secluded views of the whole peninsula.

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