One of the worlds most well known cities, from their emerging economy to their well known anime. This city is crawling with things to do! Things dreamt of but only Japan has made possible. Japan is an island of the Pacific Ocean giving you bountiful amounts of seafood!


Tokyo is the world’s most populated city but in their red light district there is exceptionally fun things to do! This part of the city is swarming with people with the most intriguing shops and restaurants. This vibrant part of town is called Shinjuku! Train systems are the easiest & cheapest ways to get around the city! Shinjuku has extraordinary bustling walls of lit signs and a perfect feel of what you want to see going to Tokyo.


Another “must do,” activity in Tokyo is stay at a Capsule Hotel. These hotels are more like hostels having dormitories split up by gender. A capsule hotel gets its’ name by the idea of its mini sized bed “rooms.” It’s like your own little pill that you get to sleep in. The sizes of these boxed shaped mini rooms are about 5 feet wide, 5 feet high, and 10 feet in length. In your little box you’ve got a radio, clock, and even a TV. In case this idea makes you feel claustrophobic, you can’t get trapped in these rooms. The outside door is actually only a thick curtain.  Costing around twenty USD this stay is very affordable. At these hotels there are cafes with free wifi, microwaves, and a bathhouse.



Known for their Zen gardens you can find them sprawled through out the city. A long walk through these gardens is a very relaxing experience. At the right time of the year you can find parts of these gardens growing all sorts of blossoming trees. When in full bloom these trees are filled with pastel colored flowers, and surely will take your breath away. In these gardens you can usually find a green room filled with many other plants that grow in the country of Japan, and happens to be a very cheap activity. In some of these gardens you can find overlooks with a view of Mount Fuji from afar.


In Tokyo you can find an infamous museum by an artist named, Hayao Miyazaki. Miyazaki is a very talented, award winning, world famous animator. One of his most famous films is, “Spirited Away.” If interested, another personal favorite is a film called “Ponyo.” Since it’s such a popular museum to visit, you must book your dates at least 3 months ahead of time, preferably earlier.



Some Other Things To Do

Try the Tasty Treats

Drink Sake

Find a Hello Kitty Store

Visit their Disney World

Use a Bidet

Go out to the Local Clubs

Visit the Ambassadors Temple

Eat at a Robot Restaurant

Play at an Arcade

Try the Local Food



In case you need some time away from the city. Japan offers many domestic ways to travel such as flights and bolt trains. Away from the city you can ski, hike, and visit the world famous mountain, Mount Fuji.





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