A Three-Part Guide to Using Your Accent to Your Advantage

Being a foreigner can often be a burden – you’re lost, confused, and overcharged nearly all the time. But your accent is also a marvelous tool when it comes to attracting girls and guys- here’s how to use it:


Conversation Starters: “I’m foreign and confused”

  • Excuse me, what’s the best beer/cocktail here? (ooooh, you’re fun!)
  • Do you know where the closest park is here? I’m trying to find a decent running trail? (oooooh, you’re fit!)
  • Are you from around here? You wouldn’t happen to know where to get late-night pizza/gyros/etc? (oooooh, you’re relatable!)
  • Do you know how to get to the underground station? (ooooh, you’re a mover and shaker!)


All of these questions are fantastic for several reasons. First, you get to show off your accent. I’m going to assume that scientific studies reveal that 99.98% of people are turned-on by accents (the other .02% don’t floss and don’t believe in Santa Claus, so don’t bother with them). Secondly, it establishes the other person as an expert. People love to be needed, and will love you for boosting their ego and letting them show-off their insider knowledge. Thirdly, it opens up conversation about similar interests- whether it be drinking, jogging, eating, or even commuting to work.

Now the important second step is to never divulge where you are from until they ask. You must be thinking two steps ahead: how will this conversation continue? What can they ask me? Often times people struggle to show interest or carry on a flirtation simply because they cannot think of anything witty to say. Give ‘em a freebee by letting them ask, “Ah, where are you from?” Or “AH, where is that irresistible accent from?” Make them come to you. If they ask this innocent-sounding question, they’ve taken the bait. Now just reel ‘em in…


Compliment Crazy: “Say that again”

Compliments are integral to flirting. Usually I’m a bit shy in this department, afraid that my compliments will sound insincere (because they are) or give the guy the wrong impression- they’ll incorrectly convey that I’m in love with him after 20 minutes, or that I’m a desperate weirdo.

Therefore, I don’t compliment. But having an accent gives you a safety blanket. No compliment will sound overeager, because the object of your affection doesn’t know how things are done in your culture- maybe you’re just more forward, open, or loving on that side of the world?

Plus, no compliment sounds insincere- your accent is like frosting on a cake. Even if it’s a stale fruitcake, a layer of thick Swiss chocolate frosting will make it delicious. Speaking from personal experience, I’ve been told variations of “You’re beautiful,” by my fellow countrymen on many occasions. It goes in one ear and out the other, as my brain files it into the “he’s trying to get in my pants” or “how original” compartment.  But those few occasions where a foreigner has muttered “You are beautiful”- those words are permanently etched in my long-term memory. There’s a 99% chance we moved past the compliment stage of courtship real quick after those five syllables.




A Get out of Jail Free card- “Is it too late to say sorry?”

You made a mistake- it’s ok, we all do, we’re human. But you didn’t know any better! Unlike a local who obviously screwed up or offended you on purpose, you are dealing with cultural and language barriers. We’ll let it slide, as long as you smile and say, “thank you love” in an extra-thick accent. Maybe kiss us on the cheek too- that has to be a thing in your culture, right?

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