Thailand’s Hidden Places And Kept Secrets

Thailand is one of the best places for tropical beaches, astonishing sunsets and sundawns, and extremely friendly and helpful people, encompassing a wide variety of landscapes, cultures, and history. Although, sometimes you can’t find some of the places widely spread online, so you have to experience it yourself, finding places spread word to mouth. Therefore, this article will help you to find all those beautiful hidden and kept secret places in Thailand.

The Delicious Thai Food.

Thai food is very well known and widely spread all around the world, but when you visit the country, it might be hard to find and get authentic experience, because of the tourists wanting the local food to be Westernised. But trust me, you need to experience the authentic food! Thai food is very specific for its enticingly aromatic, and balancing out sweet, salty, sour and bitter flavors through a meal. Another special thing about Thailand is that every region has their own delicasies and different touch to their meal with many contrasting flavors. So the same dish you eat in the south will be totally different than the food in the north, including spices and consistency. But just keep it in mind, if you’re not an iron stomach, better order a mild option, cause it may get extremely hot.

The Hidden Thai Beaches.

Of course, the beaches around here in Thailand are not kept secret, but everyone is visiting the most popular beaches like Koh Samui, while there are many other spots that are much nices and less crowded for a better experience. Most tourists are also staying at resorts and meeting only fellow tourists, but not many local people for a local experience.

Koh Nang Yuan is one of the most beautiful crystal watered shore, which has the world’s only zip line between islands.

Railay is still part of the mainland, althouh it’s only accesible by boat which gives it a deserted feeling.

Koh Mak is also one of the best beaches, which is very limited to tourists in order to keep the experiene to the locals.

Hiking In The Jungles

Thailand's Hidden Places And Kept Secrets

If you really want to experience the nature of Thailand and see tropic animals, takimg a hike in the jungles has to be on your to do list. So, if you are packed and wore your hiking shoes, the first place you have to hike is Chiang Mai and Doi Inthanon National Park. The jungles and national parks in Thailand have basic rules for hikers to follow to protect both the jungle and the hiker. Following the rules (don’t mess with the animals!) and staying on the trekking path are the sure route to an amazing experience with nature that you’ve not had before.

Thai Elephants


If you are going to visit Thailand, you shouldn’t miss these gentle giants. There are several places you can view these magnificent creatures. In the province of Surin, you can visit Ban Ta Klang Village, or the “Elephant Village” and get a chance to ride an elephant. You can also learn about how the elephants are trained and the history of the elephant in Thai culture. Although, if you are really in love with these creatures, you should definitely visit the province of Lampang, which will give you a whole new experience. This place contains the Thai Elephant Conservation Center, which lets some visitors spend a few days or a month helping care for the 50 elephants that are kept and cared for there.

But please read Ethical elephant experiences in Thailand before you leap in to that part of your trip 🙂

The Floating Markets

floating market

Thailand’s floating markets are a cultural must-see. Although most of Thailand’s waterways are turned into roads, but you can still find these traditional authentic Thai floating markets operating. Vendors pack their boat with unique wares or food and ply the waterways selling to people in boats and on the street along the waterway. If you really are really interested in seeing these cool floating markets, you just have to drive two hours from Bangkok to get to Damnoen Saduak. These markets also has very good authentic Thai food, you may never experience anywhere in Thailand.

Thailand’s Secret Waterfalls

staircase Mae Ya Waterfall

Thailand has so many waterfalls which will amaze you, but there are some naturally occuring waterfalls will take your breath away. Thi Lo Su is one of the larger waterfalls in Thailand and almost impossible to photograph in one shot due to its vast width. It is very unique with its water cascading and breaking into smaller waterfalls, appearing to seep and pour out of the jungle trees. Although it’s very populr among Thai people, not so many tourists know about this site. Perhaps you’re more interested in waterfalls that splash down colorful rock, such as Erawan Waterfall, or the staircase Mae Ya Waterfall. Also Trang province has the largest waterfall in Thailand, which is called Namtok Ton Te. The height is 300 meters, which is very dangerous to stand under the shower, but you can still swim in that pool.

Secret Tunnels

If you love exploring dark, but glowing tunnels, the Khao Nam Khang Tunnels in Songkhla province is the place for you. These tunnels were built by communist rebels in the 1970’s and served a similar purpose as their Vietnam counterpart. But now it serves humanity to visit and enjoy the view, which will take your breath away. It is a 1000 meters lomg tunnel, which makes it the longest tunnel in whole Thailand.


Although it’s not related to the topic, but the prices are so convenient and surprising, I couldn’t resist skipping it. Affordable prices are letting you travel around the country with trying every single experience withouth breaking th bank. In many cities, you will never be hungry. Some of the vendors are so cheap, you may want to try every single dish on their menu. Even staying in resorts or bungalows won’t cost you much, so you will experience luxury life with a budget trip as well.

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