Submechanophobia how to deal with it (No pictures)

Do you get stressed a out by seeing fully or half submerged man made objects?

Then you have Submechanophobia.


Submechanophobia is the fear of fully or semi submerged man made objects. When seeing fully or semi submerged man made objects people with Submechanophobia can get anxiety to a full-blown panic attack. Symptoms of Submechanophobia include difficulty breathing, dizziness, nausea, sweating, hot and cold flashes, shaking, rapid heart rate and chest pain.

1: Face your Submechanophobia, one step at a time by exposure

It is understandable to tend to avoid all things relating Submechanophobia and it makes you feel safe in the shorter run. But it may prevent you from learning that maybe your phobia might not be as extreme as you think and you will never learn to handle your phobia.

But one of the tactics to face it is to expose your self to your fear slowly and repeatedly. Google some pictures, look at some magazines of fully or semi submerged man made objects from a safe distances out doors. Just be careful you do not over due it.

2 The fear ladder METHOD

if exposure hasn’t worked for you might have over done it or did something you wasn’t ready to cope with yet.

This is how the fear ladder works

  • Step 1: Look at pictures of a semi submerged man made object.
  • Step 2: Watch a video with semi submerged man made object.
  • Step 3: Look at a semi submerged man made object from a distances.
  • Step 4: look at a semi submerged man made object closer.
  • Step 5: Stand on a boat and look at a semi submerged man made object.
  • Step 6: Stand in the water and look at a semi submerged man made object.

Remember that every one is different and you have to find your own paste and make your own fear ladder, go slow. Do not do it all once and practice multiple times on one step before you go on to the next one. Only continue to the next step when you feel complete comfortable with one step. The longer you expose your self to a step the less you will feel anxious about it next time you will do the same step. If one step is to much for you divide that step in to multiple smaller ones.

3 Learn relaxation methods

  • Sit or stand relaxed with your back straight. Take one hand and put it on your chest and the other and lay it on  your stomach.
  • Take a slow breath in via your nose and to four. The hand that is laying on your stomach should rise. The hand laying on your chest should not move very much.
  • Hold your breath and count to seven.
  • Exhale through your mouth when you have counted to eight, pushing out as much air as you possible can while your contracting your stomach. The hand on your abdominal muscles should move when you exhale, but your other hand should not move very much.
  • Inhale again and repeat the cycle until you feel relaxed and centered.

Negative thoughts

  • Telling the future. E.g , “i wont be able to handle it.“ “It will be embarrassing and everyone will look at me.“
  • Overgeneralization. “I had a panic attack  because of my submechanifobia. I’ll never be able to handle my submechanifobia;”
  • Catastrophizing. “I will never be able to face my fear. I will freak out and hurt my self.” “No one will understand and everyone is going to watch and not help me.”


After accepting your phobia, you can begin to learn how to identify and reject negative thoughts. Examples below

Negative thought: “I will have a break down as soon as I see a submerged man made object.”

Is there anything that contradicts this thought?

  • “I see a lot of people passing by and seeing the submerged man made object and they have never broken down.”
  • “I cannot remember ever hearing of anyone dying from safe contact with a submerged man mad object.”
  • “I have never actually been in a bad situation involving a submerged man made object.”
  • “If i go with a guide to visit the submerged man made objects, it will be safe. They will know the right procedures. They wouldn’t take me if it was unsafe.”

Could you do anything to resolve this situation if it does occur?

  • “I can always remove myself from the situation and get help. But I wouldn’t go alone anyway so i will have a partner if anything goes wrong.”

Are you making a mistake in your thinking process?

  • “Yes. I have no idea whether bad will happen, i cannot tell the future.”

What would you tell your friend who has this fear?

  • “I would probably say that the chances of anything happening is very slim if they are safe and bring someone with them who knows the object. Plus you wouldn’t be able to go if it was unsafe.”

It is a good idea to replace those negative thoughts with positive ones.

  • I have never even heard of anyone having a submerged man made object
  • I would never be able to find a guide to take me if it was unsafe.
  • This is a popular destination and activity, if it was unsafe it would not be
  • If i do not get too close and enjoy the view it is almost impossible something will go wrong for me involving the submerged man made object.

For a more personal experience see my Submechanophobia experiences

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