Slovak and Czech treats

If you ever wonder to Central Europe to the small but beautiful countries like Slovakia or Czech Republic, do not forget to go to a local supermarket. You will be surprised by the number of sweets and candies on the shelves. Literally, in every shop, big or small you will find at least one fully packed shelf with various kinds of sweet treats. Slovaks and Czechs just love to indulge in chocolate, vanilla, caramel, coffee… flavours.

The most popular among the whole Slovak nation are exactly two wafers, Mila and Horalka. Both are similar in size however the taste is very different.

Mila has white – green cover. The taste is light with vanilla cream inside and a slight rummy aftertaste, which is often hardly noticeable.


The original Horalka has red and blue cover with a flower. It has peanuts inside so if you are allergic, this one is not for you. It is crunchy and full of flavour, very popular on the hiking trips.


Another delicious treat is Romanca, it is usually placed at the bottom shelf in the shops, so often it is kind of out of the customer’s vision. But do not be lazy and bend down to get your hands on this one. There are two kinds, chocolate and vanilla. Both have thick cacao wafer and the middle is filled with generous amount of filling. My favourite is the vanilla kind.

Lentilky, they are tiny, rounded pieces of chocolate with the colourful shells.  They are the American equivalent of M&Ms but so much better.  If you had been a child in Slovakia this would have been your most favourite candy.

There is a special round wafer called Fidorka. Its unusual shape just nudges you to drop it to your shopping basket. Unlike the regular rectangular shaped treats this one catches your attention.  It contains hazelnuts and it is very chocolaty. There are three kinds: white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate. I would recommend you to try the dark chocolate.

Kavove rezy (coffee flavour) or Cokoladove rezy (chocolate flavour) or Cappucino or Latte rezy. These are the names of the wafers of another candy kind. The original was Kavove rezy with coffee flavour. One would argue that one is the best, however the other flavoured wafers got their fans, as well.  Also the positive thing about this treat is that you get two slices of wafer in the package which is perfect for sharing.

Margotka or Koko. They are not wafers, but rather they have thick coconut filling which is totally covered in chocolate. Margotka is perhaps triple the size of Koko, so if you have a coconut craving you can choose the size you prefer. But do not expect them to taste the same.  There is a flavour difference between them.


Another tasty treat is called Deli. There are many kinds:  chocolate Deli, chocolate Deli with raisins, Deli with pistachio, and else. It is small so if you want some chocolate but not too much, Deli is your choice.

Pernik is neither a chocolate nor a wafer. It is rather bigger and quite fulfilling treat that is made of two pieces of dough in between which you will taste jam and all this is covered with chocolate. This one can be kind of dry sometimes, therefore if you prefer more fresh and creamy sweets, avoid Pernik.

Studentska Pecat. It is an exquisite chocolate bar filled with raisins, peanuts and other dried fruits. Again if you are allergic, do not buy this, unless you want spit out all the peanuts inside this chocolate bar. The English translation is Student’s emblem, it is great to share with your friends and family or give it as a present.

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