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In Taupo, New Zealand, you can enjoy good late nights in an Irish pub where you can hear music, laughs and discussions. They also have Trivia Nights on where people go in teams of 5 or 6 people. You drink some beers and have an entertaining night playing games. By the end of the night, everybody speaks with everybody. For the thrill seekers, one of the highlights about being in Lake Taupo is that you have the chance to cross off one thing in your bucket list – the sky dive! There is an airport nearby, and the next day, you can go on this big and exhilirating adventure. It is best advised though to not have a very late night the night before if you are planning to do the jump (or the fall depending on your perspective) it may not be the best idea. There is an airport nearby and you can get picked up by the bus that will take you to the place where you will do the skydive.

Sky Diving in Taupo from
Sky Diving in Taupo from

Upon arrival, you will be met by the skydiving professionals. Everything will be explained to you, and you will feel safe. They make sure of the safety of each parachute by checking them carefully, then they put you in a special suit, start the plane engine, and you are ready to go! The instructors and the clients all go in together in the plane, the plane is very tiny for so many people but trust that it is a normal thing and it’s something that you shouldn’t worry about. When everybody is inside, the plane takes off and after a few minutes you will reach a very high altitude. You start to see the white clouds above the plane, and the lake below the plane. It is an amazing and gorgeous sight and you suddenly forget that you are so high up in the sky. A tip, if the instructors start to hold you tighter, it means that the pilot have decided to do a loop. The plane will start to lean more than it should, and out of the blue, do a loop. Upside down, the earth you are laughing. You start to scream and you are pushed up the ceiling squeezed onto each other. After a few seconds, when the screaming stops, just the sound of silence with the amazement of the beauty that is in front of you. The plane turns back around, you fall back on your seat, with the instructors laughing.

The doors of he plane is then opened. The wind is so strong that it makes an awful sound. The first one jumps out. You disappear in the clouds with screams of joy. The fall, without a parachute, takes around 15 seconds. The feeling of freedom is real. When you pass through the clouds, it hurts, like someone picks your face with little needles. And when you’ve passed them, you can see the lake below. The sun reflects in. The mountains are not that far around. You will feel that you are the only human being on Earth. This is an amazing feeling. And suddenly, the instructor opens the parachute. You lose speed, it hurts, but it’s okay. Complete silence. Only the parachute makes some noise with the wind. You will feel like a bird. A free bird. You see the ground growing and growing. It’s not far. You start to see cars and tiny humans. The instructor taught you how to land but it’s comes very fast and you wonder if you’ll make it. But of course you make it. And you feel proud, you look back up the sky thinking that actually you are very lucky. Ready for another jump?

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2 thoughts on “Skydiving in Taupo

  1. Stephan Reply

    This is wildly inaccurate!

    No plane full of tandems does a ‘loop upside down’ EVER, they would be shut down by the CAA.

    Taupo is know globally for its safety and dedication to providing 30,000 people a year with a five star freefall.

    I doubt whether the author has even jumped out of a plane, let alone been to Taupo. Even the photos aren’t of skydiving over Great Lake Taupo!

    • Elizabeth Moss Reply

      Thanks Stephan for your feed back on the article! This is an experience written from one of our writers and if the information is incorrect and you would like to help us edit it so that it is accurate please email us at

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