Skydiving in Tannheim

The little town where dreams come true is called Tannheim, it is actually already Austria. From Munich it takes about two hours to get there. Arriving in Tannheim you will instantly think: am I right here?! There is literally nothing. There are signs that lead you directly to the airfield; Flying Bones is the company that runs it. Here it is possible to do a tandem skydive. The whole area looks a bit tentative. Do not worry though; the company has passed several safety tests. That is the greatest reason to do it in Germany, it is safe there. Also you have a great view on the Alps, if the weather allows it. So after arriving you go to their little office right at the airfield, from there you might see some other people skydiving.

Skydiving in Tannheim
Skydiving in Tannheim

After watching a safety video and signing a contract telling you all the risks, which is not encouraging at that moment, you are given a jumpsuit to put on. Then they tie you up with a gear, not very comfortable! When you are all ready and your shoes are approved (make sure to wear sporty ones) you get to meet your skydiving master. Together with your partner and another team of two you enter the little airplane. More than four people would not fit in there. You sit between the legs of your master, leaning against her or his chest. It is really loud in the plane, so very hard to have a conversation. Your master will film you every now and then with the Go Pro, asking a lot of questions on how you are doing. When you reach the height of three kilometres your master will start to tie your gear to his gear, so you do not lose him and the lifesaving parachute during the skydive. After you reach the height of four kilometres the door on the side of the plane will open. Whichever team is closer to the door will go first. The plane shakes when a team jumps out of it, do not worry. To get out, first you need put your feet and legs out, they will just dangle somewhere in the air four kilometres above the ground. You occupy the position you saw in the video and then you will just fall. It is an exuberant feeling, indescribable. The free fall last for a minute, if seems shorter though, and then the parachute will be opened. From there it will take about 10 minutes to get back to the ground. Pretty fast, but worth everything!

The Flying Bones offers this tandem skydive at the moment for 140 Euro, which is just the regular price in Europe. Actually rather cheap!. You can buy the tickets online on their website:

After your skydive you can look at the video and the pictures of you, before, during and after your skydive. The pictures and the video together cost 80 Euro. It sounds a lot, but there are actually some great pictures and the video is really funny. The faces just look so weird because of the speed while falling.

If you ever get the chance, do it!

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