Safari in South Africa

What once was a game reserve is now the largest protected park of all of Africa, Kruger National Park. Kruger was founded less than a hundred years ago, in 1926.  This safari takes up the majority of eastern region of South Africa, taking up more than 360 kilometers in length and having less than 40 rest areas, lodges, and camps.

Safari in South Africa

Still till this day this park fights nonstop to keep all of its animals alive and between its’ fences. Between poaching, loss of electricity, and animals with great intelligence; it gives the park rangers a run for their money. Raising awareness for the many endangered animals in this park is still a priority! Everyday figuring out new ways to try and stop the poaching!

Coming to visit Kruger National Park is a must while visiting South Africa. Within this park lives over 100 different mammals, five hundred different kinds of birds, and over another hundred different species of reptiles. Let alone, there are over 12,000 elephants that live within this park. This outstanding, massive national park is filled with ancient animals, like the nyala, giraffes, cheetahs, and the black rhino. A cost for tourists to enter this park is about twenty dollars per day.

Safari in South Africa

The North part of the park is known for the quieter parts having only a couple entrances, Punda Maria and Pafuri. The north end tends to be poached more and has less of a touristy feel giving it a true safari feel. Getting to these locations should be planned due to very little public hospitality in the region. The South entrances are said to have more places for hospitality and have been known for their rhinos and lions living in these regions!

In the park you can have picnics at the riverbanks and at many overlooks! Sometimes you’ll even have visitors come and check out what you’re doing, like hippos from the waters and baboons from the trees. Many animals from the African safaris are very aggressive, so be sure to either have a safari guide or do tons of research before entering. Regardless, a pocket guide is awesome to have especially the ones about mammals, birds, reptiles; this will give you a good idea what you should be looking for and the names of each animal you come across! Another thing to look out for is the baobab tree; this is South Africa’s country tree. Because of how the baobab tree looks without any leaves; it is said that as God was making this earth he accidently threw the baobabs upside down.

Safari in South Africa

Cars that are brought into Kruger should be four-wheel drive and have room under their car for clearance. Said that during Africa’s winter months are the best time to visit Kruger due to its very, very hot summers. Although summer months tend to be a little wetter, giving you more pools for animals to conjugate around. Also in the summer months you can see the little offspring, like baby zebras!

With so many endangered animals out there, it won’t be long till you can only see a rhino in anything but captivity. I highly recommend that this trip is added to your bucket list! There really isn’t anything out there like this! It’s truly a blessing to get to see hundreds of animals living within the wild together.

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