The right way to go to the Oktoberfest

To begin with all the Bavarian doesn’t call it Oktoberfest, we just wrote it in the headline so that you know what this is all about. Over here we actually say “Wiesn”, this is the Bavarian word for lawn. So just call it Wiesn to not immediately be spotted as a tourist.

In the following you will see how Bavarians actually visit it and hopefully you’ll adapt a bit because there’s nothing worse than a puking tourist at 11 am in front of the tent in a Sexshop Dirndl.  (how to choose the best dirndl) This is no fun for you, for us, or for the cleaning lady!


First of all you’ll have to search for accommodation well in advance because in the 16-day period of the festival (beginning in the last week of September, varying every year) everything will be expensive and totally overbooked. To get something affordable you can for example book into A&O Muenchen Hackerbruecke this is right near the festival in Arnulfstrasse .102, Muenchen 80636 and costs 9,50 € per night.

The next question is when to go. On all 16 days there will be a lot of people celebrating, though it makes a difference if you go on weekends or throughout the week. At the weekend it is obviously more crowded and not necessarily more fun. So try to get there during the week because at the weekend you’ll have to stand in a queue at 6 am to get a table – and that’s what its all about! During the week you can start at 12.

No matter when, on your way there you need to drink a “Weghoibe” which means that you drink half a liter of beer on your way there to get started. Local tip: get it in the supermarket- much cheaper than people selling it on your way there. You get there by S-Bahn and get out at Hackerbruecke or by U-Bahn and get out at Theresienwiese. When you finally arrive there (after a few Weghoibe) and you’ve found the perfect tent for you try to get a table close to the band which usually plays in the middle of the tent.

At 8:30 am you’ll be able to get your first beer and listen to the traditional Bavarian brass orchestra, which plays until 12am. From now on the real fun starts- traditional Bavarian party music and even some English songs, like Angels form Robbie Williams. Everybody knows the lyrics by heart so if you want to get the whole experience you must learn some of them. A very popular song is “viva colonia” or “ein prosit” which animates everyone to drink another sip. While your singing you will be standing on the benches holding your beer up high. About the beer: it is served in 1l mugs called “Mass” which costs around 12 Euros. You hold between the glass and the handle – NEVER at the handle. At some point you’ll need to eat something which you can either order from the menu but this is expensive or go to a kiosk in the tent and get a Brezn (enormous pretzel) which is about 4 Euros. Don’t ever leave the tent as the doors close early when it’s full!! It is a must to stay until the end as it gets more and more fun and if you’re still up to it you can even still go on one of the many wild rides the Wiesn has to offer.



Near the WIesn there are many nightclubs where it is possible to party on for the ons who haven’t had enough, for example the Neuraum Which is right at the Hackerbruecke – Entry is 10 Euros.

Last challenge: Find your way home!

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