The perfect Workaway profile template

Volunteering for websites such as Workaway can give you a unique and rewarding opportunity to immerse yourself into local culture and give back to communities abroad through projects designed to strengthen and build the neighborhood. From teaching English to repairing wooden boats off the coast of Norway, there are opportunities to fit just about anybody. With the growth of Workaway, the competition over the best volunteer opportunities has increased. It is extremely important to create a profile that will leave a lasting impression and give you the advantage over your competitors. Let’s take a look at how you should create your profile.

Workaway profile template
Workaway profile template


First, every profile these days starts with a bio. Now I know you don’t like talking about yourself, as everybody says, but this is your chance to give an overview that will let your audience make a connection with you. Avoid writing general things like, “fun” or “I like new experiences”. Give specific examples such as, “I’m an avid climber who has scaled sixteen 14er’s” or “My love of animals has led me to volunteer in six animal shelters and participate in a whale rescue mission in Norway”. These give the reader a clear idea of what your interests are. Listing adjectives to describe yourself is not nearly as powerful as giving past experiences. Saying you like to help children is great, but laying out your past experiences in which you made a difference in the lives of children creates a far longer lasting impression.

Workaway template
Workaway template


Be complete. The more information you give, the better chance your perspective hosts can feel comfortable inviting you. Many profiles simply lack information. This also gives off the impression of lack of trying or enthusiasm. Have a look at a few profiles. How complete are they? How much time do you think the volunteer spent filling it out? How much experience do they have?

You will be given a category where you have the chance to list specific skills and training. It’s a great idea to list as many proficiencies as you can. With the broad range of volunteer options out there, you never know when someone is looking for your particular skill set.

Always be truthful and accurate. Writing that you are fluent in English and have the ability to teach will only hurt your reputation once you arrive at a school and your skills are deemed unworthy. For the sake of both parties, it’s important to find a good match. Being accurate in your abilities will pay off in the long haul and match you with an opportunity that allows you to flourish.

At the bottom of each profile are the references. It’s important you leave accurate and truthful references in a fair amount of time. The whole system depends upon the feedback of others. Remember that building up your profile with positive feedback will greatly increase your chances of landing your perfect choice.

Take these tips and invest some time in your profile, you will find a much more rewarding experience.

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  1. Tojoro john Reply

    Our charity works with child development and elderly care,
    How can I write a unique listing on our Workaway profile so that it’s verified by the Workaway team?
    Please give some suggestions

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