Is it paradise to live on a remote island?

Remote, preferably deserted tropical island is often perceived in popular culture as a perfect escape place, a place where you can put all your worries and troubles in a sack and leave them behind. But is it really? Let´s go through some of the pros and cons of leading a life on a remote island and see where it takes us.

Living on a remote island
Living on a remote island

Con: be prepared for the sand being a side-dish to your every meal. Sand beaches are cool and fancy but at the end of the day you will find buck-loads of sand in your clothes, in your bed, on your toothbrush. You will have to put on a struggle not to find it in your contact lenses solution as well.

Con: Every meal you have will take a surprising amount of time to make. Making and sustaining fire for heating, boiling, frying takes time and patience, not even mentioning the inevitable chore of collecting dry coconuts and palm leaves for the fire all the time.

Con: There is a good chance the food you will be getting onto your island will be acquired from the nearest, a bit more civilized island or mainland, which might not have much to offer in terms of food diversity. Meals will also be much more simplistic, having fewer ingredients and soon you might start craving for something else. And yes it´s true that although coconuts are super tasty and exotic you will get over them in a couple of days.

Con: Drinking water. It´s very unlikely your island will have drinking water. Although the island might be totally overgrown with lush jungle and the plants must be getting non-salty water from somewhere, that underground spring- water will most likely be unsuitable for drinking on the long run (having to much iron, etc..). That means you will have to be transporting drinking water from somewhere else, which will cost you a great deal. And it´s not unlikely for you to be left without water in an event of a lasting bad weather which would prevent boats to bring in the supplies.

Pros: I suppose pros are fairly obvious so let´s put them all in one basket. The golden beach caresses your feet, the sea is right there, waiting to cool you off, coconuts are all around, you just need some courage (and hardened feet) to get them down (or you can simply wait for them to fall down and come to you) and a machete to open them. The night sky is spectacular, stars hanging as low as it gets, the Milkyway starring you in the face. Interestingly enough, animals (including insects) are usually smaller sizes on small islands, which will improve your sleep if you find big insects revolting and you´re having nightmares about being bitten by a massive cockroach when sleeping outside.


In conclusion, it´s safe to say that when dreaming about making your grand escape from society and enjoying a life of an outcast on an tiny island, you might want to think over the extra chores, costs and limitations that will befall on you one more time. But if the above listed cons don´t discourage you, I encourage you to sail away, find an island you like and live out your dream.

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