A hidden island in the Pacific Ocean between the countries of Guam and the Philippines lives a small country named, Palau. Palau is an archipelago. An archipelago is a group of islands scattered in a body of water. These scattered islands are surrounds by white sand beaches and sheer cliffs filled with the most tropical plants. Palau is filled with beautiful flowers year round that any botanist would adore. These islands are filled with ancient tribal history on how these islands were truly formed. Palau also has a very colorful nation as well as some of the most teal waters in the Pacific.

While visiting such a beautiful remote location you’ll soon realize how little of this country has been explored. The majority of the civilians live only on two of the islands, leaving many to explore. The only way to discover these other islands is by boat. In many bays on the island or downtown Koror, Palau you can find many dive shops and boating packages for days at a time. Finding good deals is hard to locate at times; the Internet may have better slow-season prices than booking directly.


The number one must see site is the Jellyfish Lake located in the midst of the southern islands. Jellyfish Lake is a word phenomenon. Millions of jellyfish conjugate, live, and reproduce in an inland saltwater lake. These Jellyfish are harmless. You can gently play with them and look through their tentacles. Try to find out what makes them male or female! An entrance fee to this lake is proximally 100 USD for out of country residents. Free diving at this sight is incomprehensible, millions of jellyfish palpitating around you as softly as possible, with not a noise to be heard. Scuba Diving is not aloud at this site due to proper preservation.

These beautiful islands have reefs surrounding the area with some of the best snorkeling and diving out there. These hidden islands have an abundance of different kinds of water creatures. In a quick dive you can find some of those more colorful fish, to sea horses, and even spot the occasional black tip reef shark! Palau is a divers paradise. The prices of this island are the cheapest day trips for snorkeling and diving tend to start at 175 USD. The best way to see Palau is by boat, so if you can get a chance to stay for a good chuck of time, the best way to save money is by renting a boat or getting a group tour rate.


Palau also has many other activities like; the very north part of the island you can go trekking and camping in their local nature preserve. In the bays of Palau you can find nice local beaches to spend time at. And in the evening they have fairly well priced seafood that is quite remarkable! In the largest city of Palau is Koror, and here you can find a local market, souvenir shops with amazing artist, museums about the history and culture of Palau, and finally an aquarium.

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