How to organize your bike trip through the north of Palawan

When you think about renting a bike you get the choice between a scooter, a semi automatic and a proper cross country machine. Which one you’re going for depends on your preferences and your budget. The scooter is the cheapest option with 500 php (you should be able to haggle that down to 400 php at least though). Be aware that 60 percent of the way is only dirt tracks though and you might have to go quite slow to not damage it. Most people go for the semi automatic which costs between 500 and 700 php for the day and is less trouble on uneven roads. The price of 500 php is after haggling at the bike rental in Corong Corongs main road on the right hand side 500 meters before the bus terminal. With the cross country you have to spend at least 1000 php for the day. All prices are without petrol.


There is only one bigger road in the north part of Palawan so you can’t get lost. Once you’re out of el nido going north you follow the road until you get to a junction and a bridge to your left, which is where your loop starts. The best way is to go right, counterclockwise, first. That way you will cross the island first, spending the hottest time of the day by a waterfall, and follow the coast back to El Nido in the afternoon until sunset paints everything orange making the views even more impressive.

waterfall palawan

At the waterfall you will have to pay 50 php and an additional 25 php to pass a gate although you can probably get around the latter one or at least haggle it down to 20. After 20 Minutes of hiking you reach the waterfall where locals have some bamboo huts and you can swim in the different pools. You can even climb up the different steps of the waterfall  to get your Adrenalin going. After relaxing there for a couple of hours follow the road until you reach Tapik Beach Park Guesthouse, where they serve delicious local dishes, like miki bihon (mixed noodles with seafood 180 php), or sizzling vegetables served with a rich mushroom soup. Prices generally ranging from 180 php to 250 php and they have a board showing you what type of meat/fish is available that day. While you wait for your food you can relax in one of the hammock under the coconut trees or go for a walk in the shallow water. If you really enjoy it there you can come back for a couple of nights  (renting a tent with breakfast is 550 php)


Following the road further north you will get to enjoy breathtaking views overlooking the rice paddies, bays and hills. When you reach the west coast again make sure that you don’t miss the exit to Nacpan beach, but you should get there  in perfect time for sunset (make sure you have your bikes at least until 7 pm so that you don’t have to rush back to El Nido)

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