What you need to know about the Full Moon Party

The vast majority of young backpackers in Thailand will go out of their way to attend a legendary full moon party on Koh Phangan. If you like to turn up, you’ll have an amazing time and you’ll wake up with a handful of stories for the books. Here are some tips for how to make the most of your full moon party experience while staying safe.


-Wear closed shoes that you don’t mind getting soaked. Remember that you will be dancing, drinking, twerking (etc) on wet sand, and depending on the tide you may end up with the ocean encroaching on your party, but that’s what it’s all about. Wear closed shoes like sneakers because you are likely to come across broken glass, discarded items, needles and God knows what else. You’ll see plenty of people in flip flops but they’re ten times more likely to end up spending their night at the clinic than you.

full moon party wear

-If you choose to find/do drugs at the full moon party, don’t buy them on the beach! There are countless stories of corrupt cops and fake dealers setting up foreigners and fining them for extortionate amounts of money. There’s no safe way of doing illegal drugs here, so it’s best not to. If you decide to take your chances, certainly don’t take them on the beach.

full moon party beach

-Stay in groups. This goes for everyone but especially women. Rapes and assaults are disturbingly common so watch your back, your friend’s backs and especially your drinks.


-Watch your shit. In such a crowded, intoxicated atmosphere it’s easy for things to get stolen or go missing. Don’t bring valuables to the beach and the items you do bring, keep securely fastened to your person.


-Stay clear of the fire especially if you or your friends are already obliterated. You’ll see a handful of different obstacles lit on fire such as skip ropes and limbo poles. Don’t be one of those cocky drunk guys who burns himself while trying to do impressive jumps over a burning skip rope. Try to discourage your friends from being that person as well. Remind yourself that you don’t want to spend your night in the clinic.

jumping rope on fire

-Speaking of which: Take note of the nearest clinic before you get wasted! There’s at least one clinic open all night within a block of the full moon party. Just have an Idea of where it is so that in the event of an emergency, you know which direction to go.


-Drink water. I know I’m not your mother, but this is the easiest way to make your night a little more fun and a little safer. How can drinking water be fun, you night ask? If it means you can party for longer, perhaps long enough to see the sunrise, then yes you will have more fun as a result of staying hydrated.


-Take a snack break. There are lots of tasty restaurants around the beach to refuel before returning to the party.


-book accommodation in advance. If you fail to do so you will have to stay farther from Hat Rin (where the party happens), or be willing to spend an arm and a leg on a crappy hostel.

fire ful moon party

-Buy your own body paint. With the many black lights lining the beach, you’ll want to glow like a firefly along with the rest of the party, but don’t pay to have someone paint you. You’ll spend a fraction of the price on your own glow-in-the-black-light body paint, and you and your friends can doodle on each other while you pre-drink. It’s more fun this way anyways.


-Stay up until dawn! You may hit a wall at around 4 am (especially if you opted to stay away from the shady beach drugs), but you’ll be pretty close to sunrise by then and it’s well worth the wait.


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