Meet guys and save money on the Oktoberfest

The Oktoberfest is literally so expensive, 12 euro  for a “Mass”, no ride is under 7 euro and the food is overpriced as well. So try to save money where you can! There are some tricks, especially for girls, to spend only a little amount of money. The answer is guys!


Mass beer
Mass beer

First off all: never go to the Oktoberfest sober!! Bavarians often do a so called “Laternenlauf” which means that you drink a sip of beer, or any other kind of alcohol, every time you pass a street light. Trust me; there are enough on the way from the train station Hackerbruecke to the Oktoberfest. This will save you one or two Mass, depending on how much you drink.

Also you can bring a flask somewhere hidden in your clothes, for example Dirndls usually have a pocket underneath the apron, this is a good place to put it. That way you can drink with all your friends, while spending no money.

Girls dress nicely; of course it is the best to wear a Dirndl. Just make sure to tie the bow on the left side, it means that you are free. Once in the tent chose your table advisedly. Your “neighbors” are the potential source of funds. For girls, an area with many single guys is obviously a good pick. Buy your first Mass and observe. Who looks a bit lost and lonely or a little bit too drunk!? Foreigners are usually more generous than Germans. Once you got a victim, make eye contact, give him your best smile and wait for a good moment. “Where are you from?” or “Is it your first time on the Oktoberfest?” is usually enough to start a conversation. Everyone is just very open, since they wanna meet new people! It won’t take long and you’ll have your second Mass for free. Either just stick with him and you may have an amazing night or say good bye and look for someone else. Smoking is always a good way to get to know someone. You are not allowed to smoke in the tents, so there are special areas outside, not too big and mostly packed. Have a smoke with someone, accompany him to his table and just see what happens. Be careful though, try to always remember the way back to your own table!! Just in case the guy turns out to be weird.


Dirndl and mass beer
Dirndl and mass beer

The best way to attract attention to you and to get you many many Mass for free is a really challenging one. You stand up, right on your table, holding your full or at least half full Mass in your hand and just chug it down as fast as you can. If you don’t puke afterwards you’ll have the respect of every guy, which gets you even more beer. This is really hard though, not even every guy can do it!! Consider if it’s worth it, you might fail and that won’t do any good!!

So this is how you really save some money! Good luck

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