Maldivian TOP 10 diving spots

10 dive sites that should not be missed while on safari in the Maldives:


Rainbow Reef or HP Reef. North Male Atoll

The nearest resort – the Four Seasons Kuda Huraa.

This place owes its popular name for a huge amount of colors of life on the reef.
The inhabitants of the ocean come here between the flows, including: jacks, blue striped snappers, groupers and fusilers. Among the corals You can see the red coral groupers, napoleons and scorpion fish. Orlen are often seen as they swim majestatically near the surface.

Okoba Thila. North Male Atoll

The nearest center – Bandos.

This place is made up of three coral – the largest has a length of 80 meters and is separated from the other two through the canyon – 30 m wide and 25 m deep.

Maaya Thila. North Ari Atoll

Here You can see a group of hammerhead sharks. The chances of them meeting are very large, but in the absence of sunlight it is difficult to make a good picture. The rest of the reef is not unique.


Nassimo Thila. North Male Atoll

The nearest resort – Paradise.

The biggest attraction of this spot, is a series of large pinnacles extending the reef on the north-eastern side. Purple, yellow and soft corals cover all the different overhangs.  Oftenly one can see napoleons and jacks passing nearby.

Guraidhoo Kandu and Embudhoo Express. South Male Atoll

The nearest resorts: Fun Island, Kandooma and Embudhoo Village.

Due to the current speed of 4-6 knots this place is suitable only for experienced divers. To see the big fish, dive during high tide.

Kuda Giri. South Male Atoll

The nearest resort of Palm Tree Island.

It is a great place for diving both in the day and during the night. The spot is situated on the leeward side of a large reef, there are only small currents. Coral is almost perfectly round, with vertical walls reaching to a depth of 30 meters.

Fotteyo, Felidhoo Atoll

The nearest resort is Alimathaa.

Best to dive here during the high tide. This place is regarded by many as the best diving place in the Maldives. Fotteyo has a lot to offer: horse mackerel, tuna, sharks, turtles, napoleons or snappers. But what makes it unusual is a series of caves located at a depth of 25 to 40 meters, covered with soft corals unprecedented in such form and quantity in any other place in the world.


Mayaa Thila Ari Atoll

The nearest resort is Mayaafushi.

There You can see an incredible wealth of reef fish. Thila is wide at approx. 80 meters, so you can circumnavigate it all during one dive.

Panettone, Ari Atoll

The nearest resort is Moofushi.

Panettone is in the middle of Kalhahandhi Kandu. The long overhang (at a depth between 12 and 25 meters) is covered with multi-colored, great coat of soft corals, sponges and gorgonians.

Madivaru – Manta Point, Ari Atoll

The nearest resort is Hilton Rangali.

Season for manta rays is from January to April, at this point . The scene is an outer reef in the southern part of Rangali Kandu. This is the best place to meet mantas in the Maldives, during the north-east monsoon.


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