What to do on Koh Kut and in Trat

Only 6 hours on the bus away from Bangkok there is a small coast town called Trat with a couple of islands scattered across the bay. In Trat you can easily relax for a couple of days with nice food and relaxed people. A good place to stay is Ban Jaidee Guesthouse with single rooms for 200 THB and double rooms for 250 THB all with shared bathrooms  in a beautiful teak house. Just around the corner is Hi Trat with life music every night and beer for 50 THB during happy hour.  During the day it’s best to rent a bike which is similar to the rest of southeast Asia between 50 and 100 THB (normally available at the guesthouses). There is a lake 5 minutes away from town with a nice street going all the way around, always right next to the water. Viewing the lake from all angles gives you the possibility for the perfect picture as well. If you need a more relaxed day you can also get a massage from blind people for up to 2 h (from 300 THB to 500 THB)

koh kut

The easiest way to get to the island is through your hostel or guesthouse. They normally don’t take commission anyway so you pay the same price and have the convenience of a pick up from the hotel. It costs 350 THB and takes 1.5 h with Koh Kut express and 2 h with Koh Kut princess, so try to let them book the express for you. It’s best to know where you stay before you get to the island as well because you need to let the company know where you stay for the free shuttle on the island. Be aware that the ride to your guesthouse might be a bit ruff as the streets are tiny and go up and down like a roller coaster.

For the budget traveler, several guesthouses let you pitch your tent or rent one(e.g. Mata Guesthouse 100 THB). If you’re happy to spend a little more there are numerous resorts with bungalows ranging from 600 THB to 3000 THB.

To get around on the island you have different options. For the budget traveler walking is possible but quite time consuming as distances between Guesthouse and Beach, or village to village are normally between 5 to 10 km. I wouldn’t recommend renting a bicycle as the streets are really steep sometimes. Renting a scooter costs between 300 and 400 THB for the day and is the most convenient way to explore the island. You can visit two different waterfalls and two ancient trees.

The main attraction is the marine life though, with the submarine national park just off shore. Many operators offer day trips for snorkeling and diving, for example BB Divers for 1000 THB a day of snorkeling and half day with boat dives 3000 THB.

But besides that you can also just relax on one of its beautiful beaches and swim in the crystal clear water.

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