Introduction to Shamanism. Is Shamanism for you?

Shamanism is not just ceremonies in which participants take advantage of natural drugs to explore parallel worlds. Shamanism is primarily a lifestyle in harmony and in close contact with nature. There is also a series of medicinal traditions still very present, or even social traditions. The medicine is also special. It is made of shamanic traditions and herbal remedies.



Is shamanism is for you? Shamanism is for anyone who wants to reconnect with their deep selves. Shamanic experiences can help you allow you to explore your own life, your light and shadow areas. It will teach you not to identify yourself in the shade or in the light, but the true Self. Shamanic work is a tool. And everything depends on what we make of this tool: to obtain – or not – a life of discipline.

Only when you start to apply the knowledge that you learned from these experiments, that you can start to embody a life that is strong, beautiful, full of chances, coincidences, and synchronicity. We learn to accept the unexpected, and find stability in the movement.


Shamanism can help the addict to turn into warrior self. You will no longer need the approval of others or feel the need to please. It is authentic, it fools neither himself nor others. This feeling arises because it comes from , good seating. He has a deep inner strength, unwavering. His intelligence is affirmed.

The warrior gives, receives. Thus he conquers the world.

Generosity releases inhibitions and makes the warrior alive.


Does shamanism work? To access a new understanding of the world, it is necessary to temporarily mothball our rationality and criticism and agree to be guided. An initiation must be done to read your past, and your future to decode the context of your own existence. The goal is to put yourself in a universal dimension and allow the emergence of true healing.


You will discover that there are many layers of conditioning and ignorance which separate the superficial mind and the core of being. The initiatory path can lead to the removal of these barriers by providing access to our essence but it requires persistence and commitment in the direction of change and eliminating the habits that tend to recur.

Change requires hard work. Sometimes, the experience transforms others, it shows the possibilities, it points the way. For the serious spiritual seeker, the most important characteristic is honesty.


It takes courage to follow the Shamanism path. As you get to see things in a distorted manner seeing not only your past, but also the presumptions and blindness of your own culture and reference groups, needs, you tolerate more disappointment and suffering, to overcome the confusion of feelings. It is not always easy to see and accept that we are not so much victims but responsible for our own lives; we need to be able to accept that to be able recognize our potential and take the responsibility that this requires courage and determination.

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