A guide to how to see Yellowstone National Park


A guide to how to see Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park was the first national park to be established in the United States of America. Whether it is from the bald eagles, bears, or the active geysers that pulls many tourists into Yellowstone, this place is bumping. Swarmed with cars, cameras, and giant tour groups it can sometimes be hard to feel like you are truly in nature and feel more like you’re at an exhibit. To really enjoy Yellowstone you need to get away from all this, and really take in what this park has to offer.

Step one, get a week or year pass, you can’t really understand the area as a whole until you’ve spent a chunk of time there. And these roads are the fastest, most direct routes on getting through the area off to other states. Also you will want to get ahold of a park service if you want to camp within the park, I suggest that you call 4+ months in advanced due to such high activity these spots will fill up quickly! Another great way to see even more wildlife is to go in the backcountry and backpack; you will need another special pass for this. Make sure when you are in Yellowstone camping you have proper materials for food and safety due to bears and other predators.

How to see Yellowstone National Park

Starting from the north you have a town called Gardiner and into Yellowstone will be the first site, Mammoth Hot Springs, bring your suit and check it out! This Park is enormous! Filled with many hot springs, geyser, mountains, and wildlife all around you. Some “must sees” are the Petrified Tree, Grand Canyon Falls, Old Faithful, and Yellowstone Lake. Of course there are many more things to see; any valley or pass will take your breath away! There are tons of falls all along the roads that you can stop at as well as other geysers to see. Some animals to look out for are elk, moose, bears, eagles, and wolfs.

When going to Yellowstone, East of the park is a town called, Cooke City. This city has some of the biggest mountains in the area called, the Bear Tooth’s, an excellent spot for backcountry trekking and backpacking. In Cooke City there are also many places you can car camp for free. You may need a car that has four-wheel drive and sits a bit higher to get up some of these dirt roads.  Also there are many different minerals and rocks to find. These valleys are filled with wildflowers and berries during the month of July. Also Just south of Yellowstone are some extraordinary mountains called the, Tetons. Your park pass from Yellowstone, will allow you to visit these mountains as well. The Tetons are known for their appeal and looks, as these are mountains one of a kind! They are also filled with glacial lakes that you could try swimming in beware they are frigid! Some other activities in the Yellowstone area are rafting, kayaking, climbing, and fishing. Don’t forget to try to hike to a peak of a mountain while you are in the area!

For more info visit the National Park service page


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