How to Save for Traveling

How to Save for Traveling (or a sweet vacation). People think that we’re like spoiled princesses because we’re island hopping and relaxing on the beautiful beaches in the Philippines for a five week vacation, but actually for the average American we’re total paupers. But, don’t worry, we’ll let you in on our super secrets, here’s some tips on how you can save money in order to pimp your passport.

How to Save Money for traveling
First, perform a cost benefit analysis on things you do in your daily life. Do you really want to go on a third date with that person you’re not really interested in? How about instead you keep that $75 in your pocket and go to Thailand for three days with interesting people. Or how about happy hour with coworkers you don’t like, instead you could be saving your money for a day of snorkeling and drinking coconut on the beach and a hotel with a pool, another $30. Also, with all that time you would have spent surrounded by boring people you could be earning side cash for your shenanigans by babysitting, substitute teaching, or doing mock juries.

Or, here’s some easy tricks that don’t take much time: sell your man juice, or your eggs, ladies (upwards of $5,000) or sell your old junk on eBay. Another easy money making ploy is selling your hair. On and, you can post a few pictures of your hair, whip up a flattering description, and name your price. Fourteen or more inches of undyed, straight hair can fetch upwards of $400 U.S. That’s money you don’t have to work for! And short hair is easier to care for, especially while traveling.

Here’s some habits that can be hard to change but can end up saving you lots of money and could be a healthy change. Start riding a bike places, drink water instead of ordering fancy drinks or stopping at the gas station for a soda, buy clothes from secondhand stores, don’t waste food, listen to your mother and eat your leftovers, and make homemade cards for your friends and family birthdays. The money you save on these little things will add up to weeks worth of hostel rooms or hours worth of surfboard lessons. You’ll be swimming with sea turtles. I see you, badass.

More tips, I was a late adopter of a credit card because I didn’t want to get sucked into spending money I didn’t have. But, I discovered the beautiful benefits of credit cards, what, you get points just for spending money (and paying your credit card bills)?? Instead of making necessary purchases (tuition, Christmas presents, gasoline, cell phone bill) with my debit card, I now make them with a credit card. I pay off the balance every month! And in doing so, I build credit and get crazy points (AKA free money) I can use on anything. The Chase Sapphire card earns me extra points for any out of state travel, doesn’t charge international ATM service fees, and offers incredible discounts if I redeem my points on plane tickets. These are great benefits for anyone, but especially valuable if you intend on traveling abroad.

Take heed my children and you too will be eating mangos and floating on a giant inflatable swan.




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