Haunted Hotel In Nakagusuku, Okinawa

Hidden away behind the Nakagusuku Castle Ruins Site (a UNESCO World Heritage site) in the middle of the island of Okinawa, Japan is an abandoned hotel. Construction of the Nakagusuku Kogen Hotel began in the 1970’s and was never complete and to this day the skeleton of a poorly planed hotel on top of a lush green hill still remains. From the hotel you are able to see spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean to the west and Nakagusuku Bay to the east. Inside the structure there are strange sights such as stairways leading to nowhere, burnt out remnants of cars, construction debris, massive banana spiders, graffiti covered walls and beer cans. The graffiti is creative and plentiful and allows for some good photo shoots and urbex (urban exploration) art sessions. Actually, some of the pieces are quite creepy perhaps and homage to the ghosts that occupy the building. The overall feeling while inside is extremely eerie. Due to the superstitious beliefs of the Okinawans it was said the local monks from a Buddhist temple advised the designer not to build on this land because of it’s proximity to many sacred sites and that it was actually located on top of tombs.

Haunted Hotel Nakagusuku - Okinawa
Haunted Hotel Nakagusuku – Okinawa

The builder did not listen and he built in the exact location just a stone’s step away from the famous Nakagusuku Castle anyway. During the construction workers began having fatal accidents. As a result of so many fatalities during the construction the rest of the workers confirmed the area as cursed and decided to cease further work on the building. This resulted in the hotel owner going bankrupt and eventually being admitted to an insane asylum. Even today locals will not enter the building. There are stories of children disappearing in the area in recent times and all of the locals blame it on the curse. Tourists coming from around the area flock to the Nakagusuku Castle ruins not only for a history lesson about the ruins but the sneak out behind the castle disregarding the warning do not enter signs in order to get a glimpse and take in the ominous feelings of entering the haunted hotel. Certain service members are strictly prohibited from entering due to an accident that occurred recently in which a floor beneath the man collapsed and he was injured. If you plan on visiting the site it is best to go with a respectful energy of those who died while construction was in process and also for the souls that exist in the tomb just below. In order to get to one of Japan’s most haunted places visitors are able to take a bus from Naha Bus Terminal located as Asahibash Monorail Station. Take bus number 30 to Nakagusuku Shogakko-mae (Nakagusuku Junior High School bus stop) the bus takes about 60 minutes and costs 750 yen. Once you get off you can walk approximately 2 kilometers up the hill to the castle ruins. There will be signs directing you toward the castle. In the winter the castle closes at 5pm and during the summer months 6pm. It really is off the beaten path and you most likely will not encounter many tourists in the hotel. I advise you tea wear sneakers as there are many dangerous things scattered about the floor. Stay aware of your surroundings and if rooms look too unsafe to enter it is best to stay out.


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