The “green island”- Ireland

Ireland is not only the producer of the world wide known beer Guinness, but it also has stunning green spaces which is why so many bag packers visit it yearly.

Guinness Brewery

But what should you take into account before bag packing in Ireland? What about the weather? Is it always rainy? Which cultural differences should you know before your tour so that you won’t be shocked?

So at first to clear the worsed prejudice about Ireland- rainy all day?!? This is definitely not true. It is true that it rains more than anywhere else on the European main land but not all day. It is particularly bad in winter so check the time you go. Also in the west you are more likely to be hit by unpredictable showers due to currents in the Atlantic sea. So definitely always have a rainproof with you and go in summer but then you will have a relatively dry time! Anyway, if you have decided to travel to Ireland it will not be because of the stunning wether or the sandy beaches. Far more the lovely green landscape and non touristy beaches will be the main part of your travels!

The most famous place every bag packer should have visited is the long-hiking road “Ring of Kerry” which is a 179 kilometer long panorama road right on the south-east coast. This is if you want to drive down this road. It is also good to hike down but then take the road made especially for this- “Kerry way”. This road goes through the Killinary National park, a stunning park with as much green as you can imagine. There are three lakes, mountains and picturesc forests everywhere. Another mystical place to visit is “Giant’s Causeway” which are lots of small rocks which look like man made but they actually aren’t.


Ring of Kerry
Ring of Kerry

For accommodation the usual thing to do is to go to BnBs which are usually quite cheap and have friendly owners who can give you tips about the local scenery. You will also get a typical Irish breakfast (bacon, eggs, fires) which will keep you going nearly until the evening! As there are so many of them every where it is not really a must to reserve something before you start your trip- so you will stay flexible and can plan your route as you’re going along!

But there are a few things you should definitely know before you start your trip!

It is very unusual to go for a dip naked or just with bikini bottoms on… this could lead to complaints and disgust amongst the locals. In pubs it is normal to pay in rounds. This means not everyone pays for their own beer at the end of the evening but each round someone else pays for everyone. So if you go to the pub with a few lads you definitely must wait until you’ve paid for your round, or you may be considered to be quite impolite for the locals.

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