Going up the crater of a volcanic eruption

You probably never heard about Tanna Island or even the whole archipelago of Vanuatu situated north east of Australia. Tanna is one of the most popular island in Vanuatu for it’s famous tourist attraction- the Tanna volcano. The Yasur (Tanna) volcano is the only accessible volcano in the world where you can climb up the crater and watch the magnificent explosion of lava. In addition to the volcano, Tanna offers a variety of attractions such as the dance of Toka, the cult of John Frum Cargo, wild horses of the plains of Whitegrass, the hot springs of Port resolution, large falls everywhere in the island, and within walking distance, traditional dances are held daily by many tribes. The Toka Nekoviar festival is one of the most significant celebration of the country. Nowadays, this event marks the event of the tribal war is a symbol of alliance and friendship between tribal clans. Its preparation takes several months and sometimes up to a year.

Going up the crater of a volcanic eruption

The Yasur volcano, located in the Pacific ring of fire, comprises nearly 70% of the global volcanic activity. The real show begins at dusk. You can start to hear and especially to see rising from the depth of the earths crust, bubbling lava than agglutinate the hallow crater and that erupt unpredictably expelling flames projecting high into the sky then falling on the walls of the crater, glowing and crackling. It will be the first and unique time than you can see an active volcano so close like that, so don’t forget to bring your tripod and you can compose amazing pictures. After this surreal and unforgettable excursion, you should sleep the night in a tree house that they rent with a view of the sublime volcano. It is absolutely magic to sleep there, on top of a banyan tree, you can just spend whole night watching the eruptions of the volcano, its like going in another dimension.


Most of the owner of the tree houses are Ni-Vanuatu, the atmosphere is very friendly, authentic and familial, they can cook for you and take you wherever you wanna go. The Ni- Vanuatu people are people with such big hearts and the life they have there is very basic and close to nature. In Tanna, the are no proper roads and nobody uses shoes. They like to do “earthing”. It is absolutely opposite to our occidental life. Another must try while you are there is the Kava. Tanna have one of the best kava in Vanuatu. It is a root from a plant that gives a numbing effect to the body. It is said to be the plant that bridges the spirit world to the living. It is such a unique experience to drink the juice from this plant, when you drink it your mouth goes numb, and as for the rest of your body, you feel a strange mix of feeling high and grounded at the same time, and it’s as if everything is reverberating. Your hearing senses are also hightened. So if you are looking for a peculiar destination and discover what is a tribal life, go to Tanna, you will feel like you are in a dream.

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