Diving in Cabilao and what the best diving spots are

Without exaggeration, one can easily say, that corals of this triangle, a 7-kilometer-long island, located west of Boholu is among the best diving spots in the Philippines. Nearby, the Light House and Shark View Point can be found. On the south side, there is a 22 meters fault on which harbors the ghost pipe fish, scorpion fish, stargazer and many other amazing creatures. One should take at least one night dive. At Shark Point View You can find gorgonians, where the whole family of seahorses (Pygmy sea horse) can be found. Most divers get to spot three species of the Pygmy sea horse : red, pink and yellow. With a little luck, you can meet here  hammerhead sharks, in March. The most steep wall is  South Point. Corals are located at depths of 3 to 12 meters and they are the most beautiful hard corals on the island. In various holes you can find white tip shark. The best diving time there, is in the afternoon, then the reef is beautifully highlighted by the sun. Even deeper drops the fault next to Cambaquiz, on the north eastern tip of the island. There are not as many fishes, and only a little of reefs, but sometimes you can meet turtles and small sharks. When diving in currents from east to west You can visit the Fallen Tree, falling gently to a depth of 12 meters, and then passing to the rock formations. The best place in Cabilao is located right at the base of Sea Explorers, mainly at a depth of 15 meters, one does not come in decompression, and every time you can find something new and interesting.



The most interesting dive sites in Cabilao:


Lighthouse South

Location: Pantalan, ½ km from Polaris and 6 km from Cabilao Beach Club

Requirements: divers with MDC or snorkeling.

Visibility: 10 – 30m Depth: 5 – 50m

Description: Calmly drooping bottom, slowly passing into the wall falling up to 50meters. Beautiful corals, gorgonians, lots of small fish such as Zanclus connutus (Moorish idol), chetokinki or clownfish. An incredible range of snails and crustaceans.

Three Coconuts

Location: Cabacongan, 1 km from Polaris and approx. 10 km from Cabilao Bach Resort

Requirements: divers with OWD.

Visibility: 10 – 20m Depth: 7 – 25m

Description: The immersion cut to a depth of 25m and slowly ascend to 5 meters. Incredible huge gorgonians with lots of small fish, snails and shellfish. During the night dives you can see the starfish Astoboa boredom (also known as Basket star).

Shark Cave

Location: Cabacongan, 3 km from Polaris and approx. 5 km from Cabilao Bach Resort

Requirements: divers with OWD.

Visibility: 12 – 20m Depth: 3 – 45m

Description: The joint of five caves on the depth of 22-25m is rich in corals and snails. In the caves You can sometimes meet small sharks (white tip reef shark). There is a beautiful coral garden at 8-12meters .

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