In 1975 a group of young people were spending time in hilly area of Piedmont, Northern Italy, when they saw a falling star. One of the leaders of the group, Falco Tarassaco, had a vision, implying that they were given a mission of building Temples of Human kind underground of one of the hills. Led by Falco they started digging the ground the same night. Sometime later, when the first Temple was already getting its form, there was a conflict inside the community and one of its members took a decision to report the illegally done activity to the police. The legend says, that on the day of the repot the police came to the indicated area and surrounded it to capture the offenders. When the police officer responsible for the operations exited the Temple he was so astonished from and impressed by what he saw there, that he just took a responsibility to stop the capturing operation and let the community continue their artistic work. Later on Falco and his people were able to legalize the rights for the land and with years the community grew to be a relatively independent and sustainable, with natural economy, with a population of 600 people, its own (unofficial) currency, its own University of Spirituality, own tourist, hospitality and creativity industries as well as science, arts and technologies. It has become famous for the underground Temples built by the members of the community manually and for the various inventions. The multinational, multilingual community promotes itself as a union of solidarity, sharing, love, respect and care for the environment.


There are few ways to stay in the Community. The short visits are possible as tourists; there are visiting programmes from half a day up to five days. I did the one for 3 days for 260 EUR that included two visits to the Temples of the Humankind, the Sacred Woods including the presentation of music of the plants, Introduction to Spiritual Physics, presentations to the rituals of Stone Spirals and Circuits, Damanhur creativity centre and a meditation night in one of the Temples.

Damanhur - Temples Of Humankind
Damanhur – Temples Of Humankind

It is also possible to come for longer visits if you become a student of the University of Damanhur that arranges programmes of personal growth, meditations, and presents a possibility to study in one of the schools: Mystery school, School of Spiritual Healers, Alchemy school, Damanhurian Art school and Colour-therapy school. It teaches a number of unconventional subjects like Astral travel and Past lives regressions.


The Temples of Humankinds are a masterpiece. There is so much creativity, so many artistic innovations, and such a hard work. The Temples are located 30 meters under the ground. The paintings are focused on the peaceful coexistence and cooperation of human beings.  It consists of 7 halls: Hall of Water, Hall of Earth, Hall of Metals, Hall of Mirrors, Hall of Spheres, Blue Hall and Labyrinth Hall, each being different from all others.


One of the most impressive inventions of the Community is a machine that the transmissions very low-voltage electric currents between the roots and leaves of the plant and the variations of its resistivity are then translated into music through a synthesizer. Further on the methods of teaching plants to play their music have been developed, so that “more experienced” plants can teach other plants to create their own music. The community organises the concerts of the plants and sells CDs with the plants’ music. I have been to one of the concerts and own a couple of CDs, the music is of a cosmic sound, almost extra-terrestrial.  It is a very interesting experience and definitely a different one.


Piedmont can be reached by train from Turin or Milan.

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