Circle of Death the best drinking game ever

Having a drinking at your disposal can turn your night into an epic evening of fun and debauchery. Everybody has been at a hostel and broke out a pack of cards or unwrapped a package of red Solo cups. Long thought of as the best of drinking games, Circle of Death has been played all over the world. Unfortunately, nobody seems to know the rules anymore! Here we provide the official regulations.

Circle of Death. A classic in America involving cards and of course, lots of drinking. The game is played by dealing five cards in the center and surrounding them by a circle of cards. After the circle is complete, deal the remaining cards into a circle around the inner circle. Now we have the “Circle of Death”! Players take turn guessing black or red cards and flipping over their choice. If you guess correctly, you pass out the number of drinks the card is worth. If you guess wrong, you take the number of drinks. For example, if you guess red and you flip a 7 of hearts, you are entitled to hand out 7 drinks as you please.

Circle of Death


Some cards offer different values, including all face cards. Turning over a 9 entitles that player to create a rule. Some common rule ideas include prohibiting eye contact or forbidding swearing. Any player caught breaking the rules has to drink!

Pulling a 10 is questions. You must go around the circle asking questions and the players can only respond with a question of their own. Failure to do so or hesitating results in a drink for that player.

Flipping over a Jack makes you Thumbmaster! Anytime during play until the next Jack is turned over, you can place your thumb on the table and every player must follow likewise. The last player to put their thumb on the table has to drink one.

Pulling a Queen is quite possibly the worst of luck. If you have the Queen, you are now the drink bitch. ANYTIME somebody says the magic words, “Drink Bitch”, you have to drink.

Turning over a King can be equally disastrous to your sobriety depending on where you are sitting. The King is known as the “Waterfall”, meaning the player whose turn it is must start drinking along with every other player. Everybody must continue to drink as long as the player in front of them is drinking. The succession begins with the player directly to the right of who drew the King. If you are sitting to the left, you are the very last position…get ready to chug!

Finally, the Ace is what is known as the “Social”. Everybody picks up their drinks and offers a friendly toast in the center.

What makes the game truly epic is once the outer circle of cards have been drawn, the inner circle is next, where cards double in value! You might find yourself on the end of 16 drinks! Once the inner circle is complete, you have the 5 center cards. These cards are triple in value! If you are still standing after this, you can always start all over again!

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