Info about the boat tours in El Nido

Once you made your way to El Nido you will see all the offers for Tours A-D. Basically those offer a day on the boat with lunch hopping from island to island and prices are between 1200 PHP and 1400 PHP. They have different routes and the main attractions are obviously spread across the tours, so that you do more then one.  You will be on the same boat with 20 other people followed by several other boats doing the same tour. If you prefer a more individual trip you should hire your private Bangka for the day.


It fits 4-6 people and shouldn’t cost more than 5000 PHP with lunch as well. The easiest way to find a guy is to walk down Corong Corong beach the night before. Try to know how many people and what time you want to leave beforehand to avoid complications on the next day. Remember to let them know if you have any food preferences as well as they will go to the market in the morning to buy fish, squid, vegetables and fruits for lunch, which is normally grilled with rice.

As well it’s worth checking that their license is still valid and they sort out the permit with the coastguard for you (to visit the islands you have to pay 200 PHP environmental fee per person, although they only control until 11 am apparently, so if you leave later then that you can get around it).

koh kut express
koh kut express

Which route you take is totally up to you but it does take up to one hour to get from one island to the next so it’s worth focusing on 2 to 3 of them (4 if they are close to each other), otherwise you’ll spend most of the day watching the waves from the boat. If you want to see big and small lagoon on Miniloc Island try to do that first, as it is not possible to access the big lagoon at low tide (from 3 pm already). Small Lagoon is only reachable by snorkeling (it’s quite shallow and best to see the stones before you hit them) or kayak. Definitely a must see is Cudugnon Cave. You climb through a small hole, which is already one of the highlights, as people use the weirdest techniques to get through. Inside you can admire the stone formations and take some stunning pictures posing on one of the stones. In addition to the cave there is a small beach with coconut trees to relax and snorkeling is also an option, with plenty of fish around the edge of the small bay (including clown fish). A bit further north you have Snake Island which is nice for pictures as well because of the thin strip of sand connecting it to the mainland. You have to watch out for the jellyfish, but that’s for all the islands except Matinloc Island. As well don’t miss out on climbing the viewpoint on top of the small hill, overlooking the surrounding islands.

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