Best things to do during a weekend in Bordeaux

Bordeaux is internationally famous for its wines. Everybody can enjoy it: you can find good simple wine around 3/5€ to expensive bottles such as Petrus, Margaux or Yquem. But besides tasting the wine directly in the “Châteaux”, what can you do during a weekend in Bordeaux? 1. Rent a bike You will find them everywhere, the V3 (pronounced V cube), the easiest way to explore Bordeaux on a sunny day. 24 h will cost you only 1€, but you have to replace the bike every 30 minutes.


The city is small and flat so don’t worry it will never take more than half an hour to go somewhere. There is a really nice loop to do with your bike: you cross the Stone bridge and turn left directly on the quays. You just follow the river, and you will have the most beautiful view of Bordeaux. Go ahead and cross the river on the new futurist bridge. And then go back along the cycling track…but don’t hesitate to take the time to get lost inside the town, you’ll find a map at each bike station! 2.


Miroir d’eau On your way back along the quays, make a stop at the water mirror. It’s just in front of the place de la bourse. When the fountains are one, you can see the beautiful buildings reflecting in the mirror. During spring and summer, it’s full of young kids from Bordeaux, enjoying the water, playing barefoot while the parents chat along the steps. 3. Wander in the tiny streets of St Paul et Saint Pierre. This is the part of the city for shopping, especially in rue du pas Saint George. This street is full of independent little boutiques with their own selection of brands an some handmade clothes.

There are shops for everybody: man, woman and kids. All those streets go from a cute little square to another, full of terrace of cafes and bars. 4. Walk alongside the quays. You will meet people walking, jogging, cycling, skateboarding and even families with their picnics … The walk is beautiful, the landscaping is really worthy and you see the beautiful buildings of the city. 5.

Go to the market on St Michel square and at the “capucins” Every Saturday, Sunday and Monday, at Saint Michel, you’ll find food, old furnitures, clothes… Few minutes away, you should have your breakfast or lunch at the Capucins, an old covered market where many bordelais shop and meet up their friends. A coffee, a chocolate and some shiny strawberry’s to start.


Then, you can try a platter of oysters with a glass of local white wine. This is the perfect place to enjoy a late breakfast with your friends on a Sunday morning! 6. Watch a movie in this little independent cinema “l’utopia”. The place is gorgeous : an old monastery converted to a cinema. You can admire paintings on the ceilings, Angels on the walls and ancient lamps. They have a good selection of international independent movies all played in original version with French subtitles. If you go during the morning, it will only cost you 4€. During the day, the prices are still good, around 6€. But be careful, the movies start on time and you can’t walk in after the beginning! So be on time! 7. Drink a glass of wine in one of the many wine bars. They all have this very smooth and cosy atmosphere. A glass of wine usually starts at 4€. They all have a selection of French and international wines and they serve tartines, salads, typical dishes, cheese… 8. L’Iboat After only few years, this place became an institution in Bordeaux. In the part called “bassin à flots”, a stylish boat offers a bar, a restaurant, a concert place which they turn into a night club after midnight. There is always something going on at l’Iboat. It can be outdoors movie projection, an exhibition about tattoos with a performance of tattoo artists, few pieces of contemporary dance… Check out their schedule and start the evening watching the sunset at their bar.

Bordeaux 2

Bordeaux should offer a nice weather from April to September. Nevertheless, I will recommend to avoid August, many shops and cafés are closed at this time of the year. I hope you’ll enjoy your stay!

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