Best places to ski in Germany

You’re looking for a place near Germany or Austria to ski and have a great week? Just come to the Alps and have a great time!

There are different places, most of them are located near the German/Austrian border and you can get to them easily from Munich. As Skiing is a very expensive sport it is very important to get a good deal or a cheap offer especially in high season which is from December until the end of March in most places.

Skiing in the alps
Skiing in the alps

At first: Garmisch Classic! Garmisch Patenkirchen is a place at the bottom of Germanys’ highest mountain the Zugspitze! This is a great place to go to because there’s a direct train there from Munich and it only costs 39 Euros for one Day or 69 Euros for two days which includes the train journey there and back again! This train takes you straight to the parking space where everyone arrives with their car, where the lift starts and most important of all: this is the place where you can hire your’ skiing gear if you haven’t got any. Remember that you must wear a helmet by law or you can’t go onto the piste. So at this place called Sport 2000, there’s lots of friendly people telling you which size and length the skis should have so even if you’re a beginner this is the perfect place to go. The gear will cost you between 40 and 60 Euros depending if you take the best skis or slightly warren ones. Once you’ve got all the gear you can start onto the slope with the Garmisch Classic Ticket this will be ideal for beginners intermediate and advanced skiers.

If the snow is not high enough you’ll have to buy an extended ticket in Garmisch and go up to the actual Zugspitze which is a glacier area so there will be snow there much earlier than in Garmisch the only thing is that it’s really not suitable for beginners up there due to steep pistes.

Another area which is good for skiing is the Steinplatte which is in Austria and much higher up than Garmisch which means its better snow there normally and you can drive there in about two and a half hours from Munich. The Steinplatte (translated stone platform) is an enormous platform which makes it really fun skiing there because the pistes are never ending in width and in length. There are loads of lifts also new ones put up in 2014 which makes it one of the biggest skiing resorts in the Alps. Another cool feature of this place is that you can actually ski over the border from Germany to Austria! The best place to eat is definitely the Schafsalm (translate Sheep Hut) which actually has a few sheep inside the hut and has woolen blankets everywhere which makes the place really cosy and nice especially when it’s cold and blowing a snowstorm outside. If you want to try something really typical for skiing then order a Germknoedel with vanilla sauce which is a kind of sweet dumpling with loads of vanilla sauce.



After a long day of skiing it is usual to go to après ski which are small tents where you get whatever you want to drink and then have a great drink meeting all sorts of new people! (Driving home after this is not recommended you’ll have to get a hostel there or go by train J )

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