The best places to fly a hot air balloon in the world

It seems difficult to find an activity for the whole family that is exciting, but at the same time relaxing and above all very safe. But it exists and is flying high up in the sky in a hot air balloon!

The best places to fly a hot air balloon in the world

There are a lot of reasons why hot air balloon rides have several advantages over other activities, for example: it is an experience suitable for all ages- children, parents and grandparents can enjoy this balloon ride smoothly, it does not require any effort or skills whatsoever. It is also an activity that helps you get away from the problems of everyday life and at the same time keeps you entertained and attentive at all times. The views are spectacular and remain etched in your memory forever. It is such an unforgettable activity and you would keep wanting to do it again soon as you’ve had the experience of one flight.


The activity is done in small groups, so you can enjoy it without stress, there are no big crowds. There is room for all participants to view the beauty of the surroundings on the front line. And when you are a in very big group several balloons would be flying at the same time so no one has to stay down waiting and bored, there’s a place in heaven for everyone! It is a very safe activity. The pre flight preparations and the flying of balloons are done with great care and performed only by experienced professionals. Flying up a

hot air balloon is a great way to overcome your fear of heights, also known as acrophobia. The ballooning usually includes photographic and video reports, plus a champagne toast after landing, as tradition dictates it.


It is highly encouraged that you try this unique experience and get away from a few hours of stress and exhaustion from your daily routine. Once you try it, you will surely want to do it again. It could start to become an annual thing for some.

The best places to fly a hot air balloon in the world
The best places to fly a hot air balloon in the world


Among the best paces in the whole world to do hot air balloon rides are as follows:

North Pole- because come on, you’re on the north pole!

Bagan, Myanmar (Burma) – you can view the Bagan pagodas over sunrise or sunset

Cappadocia, Turkey – the bird’s eye view of Turkey’s caves from 600m high up is unique and compelling

The Serengeti, Tanzania – you can view the wildebeest migration and it’s such a spectacular sight to watch

The Outback, Australia – you can see Australia’s remote deserts

Dubai – you can see its great sand dunes and camels

Gstaad, Switzerland – you can have a balloon ride over the Swiss Alps

Loire Valley, France – you can have a view of France’s castles, fields, and river

Istria, Croatia – you can view the beautiful valleys, hills, and vineyards by the sea

Angkor Wat, Cambodia – you can have a bird’s eye view of the Angkor Wat

Luxor, Egypt – you can have a view of the Nile River and the West Bank temples

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