Best places to eat when visiting Ljubljana

Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia, a small country with an appropriately tiny capital city. But despite its small size the city is still the capital and therefore offers a variety of international and authentic Slovenian cuisine. Let´s have a look at the best places the city has to offer.

Best places to eat when visiting Ljubljana
Best places to eat when visiting Ljubljana
  1. Asian cuisine

Ljubljana is home to two notable Thai food restaurants, out of which one is rather inconveniently located in the outskirts of the city in the most popular shopping mall (Citypark) but offers tasty dishes for affordable prices (Bangkok Street is the name of the place). The other one (DaBuDa) is super fancy, located near to the parliament. It offers appropriately delicious food, but with prices ranging around 9-10€ per dish.

There are of course plenty of Chinese restaurants in the city but for some reason the best of them are found on the outskirts of the city or in the neighbouring towns. Personally I would deeply recommend visiting Hong Kong 2 near Kamnik.

The Japanese restaurants in Ljubljana are rare and too expensive for an average traveller so rather avoid them for the sake of your wallet.

  1. Mexican restaurants

There are two Mexican places I would recommend to visit – Joe Penas and Cantina Mexicana. They are both located in the heart of the city, with Joe Penas being located near the Opera house and La Cantina very close to Preseren square, but a bit hidden in a tiny narrow street. They both offer delicious dishes with prices moving between 8-10€ per main dish. They are not the cheapest, but they offer big plates of food, so if you´re not in a state of starvation you might as well share a plate with a friend.

  1. African, Middle Eastern, South American cuisine

There is a semi-famous place called Skuhna on the oldest street of Ljubljana (Trubar street) which has a different set of dishes from a different country offered every day. From what I hear it should be spectacularly delicious for a reasonable price but haven’t had the chance to visit it yet. There is also a food market happening every Friday just in from of the cathedral with food stands offering tasty food from all over the world. But sadly the prices are mostly rather touristic.

  1. Fast food joints

Ljubljana is teeming with small fast food joints, ranging from Kebabs to burgers and hotdogs. Miklosiceva street is famous for being ´The kebab´street´and the best place in my opinion is Nobel. The place offers all kinds of fast foods but I would recommend you to try a beef or chicken Jufka. It´s also a very popular stop for drunk people finding their way home on Friday nights, you can always spot a big line in front of Nobel in otherwise totally empty street at 3 a.m. For the best burger place I would mention Horse Burger. There are two of them across the city, one in Tivoli park and the other in Citypark shopping mall. And if you´re eager to get some hot dog, the best one you will find in Skalca pub, close to the National Library.

  1. Vegan

There are not that many places that offer only vegan food, but one of them (Loving Hut) offers very tasty food for a reasonable price (8€ per kg) and you can choose many different kinds of food for a single meal. It is conveniently located close to the main train station.

  1. Pizzerias

Given the proximity to Italy, there are plenty decent Pizzerias across the city. But the one I would recommend is a bit more unorthodox. It is located close the parliament and it offers pizzas of a rather small radius but extra thick and juicy for a very reasonable price (about 5€).


There you go, a very quick introduction to some of Ljubljana´s most awesome restaurants and joints. If you´re interested about what Ljubljana has to offer in terms of authentic Slovenian cuisine take a look at the next article called: Best Slovenian cuisine dishes in Ljubljana.

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