Best Party Hostels in Europe

Europe is known for it’s party destinations.  Each party destination has hostels that help give that city it’s nightlife reputation.  Here are the craziest party hostels in Europe.

Hangover Hostel – Budapest, Hungary

$5 USD 9 bed dorm

Best Party Hostels in Europe

When I checked in, they asked how many days I was staying, and I responded three.  They laughed and said, “You say you’ll stay three, but you’ll stay longer.”  It’s true.  Everyone at the hostel ends up staying longer than intended because it is just that fun.  Most of the staff had been there for six months, and are still there.  It literally sucks you in with all of it’s debauchery.  They’ve recently changed name from the David Hasselhoffstel, so if you’ve heard of their massive parties and want in, head to Hangover Hostel.  They have a sick Rave Cave under the building, decked with lights, a bar, and beer pong tables.  It’s nice and cool so it doesn’t get too hot and neighbors can’t complain about loud music.  It’s right across the street from the most famous ruin bar Instant,  so every night inevitably ends there.  You have to go on the booze cruise down the Danube River and pop champagne over the edge.  As you cross under the bridge, you have to kiss someone for good luck (or at least that’s what the cute guy told me).  Saturday is the well known for it’s SPArty at the Széchenyi  Thermal Baths.  After I posted, “Budapest got weird last night. No that’s an understatement,”  my mother was worried and I told her, “You don’t want to know.”

The G-Spot – Lagos, Portugal

$18 USD 8 bed dorm, free breakfast


Upon arrival the staff asks, “Did you have any trouble finding the G-Spot?” and give you a welcome beer.  Every night they offer an all you can eat two Euro dinner, usually pasta or rice with vegetables to fill you up before happy hour starts.  Happy hour is 9-10:30pm and 5 Euro for unlimited jungle juice and beer to get the party going before heading out on the nightly free pub crawls.  I ended up drinking enough during that hour and a half that I wouldn’t need to spend any money on drinks at the bars.  Beer is usually only 1 Euro.  Lagos has great bars, and The G-Spot shows you where they are!  The hostel crew will end up watching the sun rise over the ocean each night before turning in.  In the morning, they serve free pancakes to absorb any leftover alcohol in your stomach.  Lagos is about 90% Aussie so you will find gorgeous backpackers staffing all the bars and drinking with you.

Greg & Tom’s Party Hostel – Krakow, Poland

$16 USD Dorm Room, free breakfast


This recently renovated hostel has a new kick-ass bar serving thirsty backpackers Polish vodka as an essential part of the Polish daily diet.  It is centrally located in Krakow which makes crawling back to the room as the sun rises that much easier.  It’s a party 7 days a week, like any party hostel, but the nightly events like beer tasting, vodka festivals, karaoke, Mad Dog shots night, Communist Night, and club crawls keep it exciting.  The city is student dense so mingle with the locals and they’ll show you how to really party.  If you make it to breakfast, it’s free, but most end up sleeping through it.

Mad House – Prague, Czech Republic

$28 USD


With beer cheaper than water, it’s no wonder the Czech Republic drinks the most beer per capita.   A warm welcome with a free cold beer, and only 1 Euro thereafter.  Start the night with beer pong with your new friends, then the staff will take you on a  free pub crawl around the city.  The staff are passionate party-goers so they will definitely show you the best of the best in this legendary party location.  You won’t be unimpressed with the wild nightlife in Prague.  Mad House is always recommended and top rated, so there is no doubt that you won’t enjoy your stay.

Kabul Backpackers Hostel – Barcelona, Spain

$11 USD 24 bed dorm, free breakfast & dinner


Perfectly located right in the center of Las Ramblas, Kabul has a great common area that is large enough to host everyone for free dinner every other night and get shenanigans going. Happy hour is early at 7pm, an the bar crawls don’t leave until 11pm, so you have a solid three hours to get your drink on.  Everyone hangs out of the spacious rooftop where you can lounge and mingle, play beer pong, and order drinks from the hilarious bartender.  To buy drinks, they have a token machine, that you pay for drink tickets so you can guesstimate how much you will drink that night, and end up buy another ticket to continue the debauchery.  You will end up at one of the world famous clubs on the beach each night, and end up skinny dipping to cool off from dancing.  Some wild ones stay up to watch the sunrise over the beach before heading back in time for breakfast then head to bed for the rest of the day.  Of my 10 days in Barca, I only saw what the beautiful city actually looked like until my last couple days because I was just constantly intoxicated.

  • The Pink Palace – Corfu, Greece

    $26 USD dorm, free breakfast & dinner


This is arguably the craziest and wildest party hostel in Europe.  Upon arrival, you are greeted with a pink ouzo shot the prepare your liver for it’s wildest ride.  There is a theme party every night but everyone’s favorite is the classic pink toga parties with Greek ouzo circles, plate smashing, and Greek dancing.  They have four bars; roof-top, reception/cocktail bar, beach bar and nightclub bar, Palladium.   The each give off a different vibe so you can choose your favorite or hop around to each.  Free sun loungers make it easy to soak up the sun while nursing your hangover.  The hotel offers many daytime activities: 4-Wheeler Quad Safari, Kayak Safari, Ouzo Cup Volleyball, and Regional Tours.  Their Booze Cruise takes of around midday so you can sleep in a recover from last night and ends around 6pm after snorkeling, cliff jumping, and never ended boozing,  Days and nights are filled with drinking games and competitions with pints at 2 Euros.  You will make plenty of international friends as they sleep 368 people.  Your days will be centered around happy hour with 1 Euro shots  highly encouraged by the staff.  Yamas! (cheers in Greek)

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