The Best Outdoorsy Places to Work in Western Canada

Many of the young foreigners who come to Canada to work are drawn to the country because of it’s natural beauty and opportunities for outdoor sports. But there’s a lot more to Canada than snow and ice bergs. In fact, as such a large country with such varied landscapes, Canada offers an abundance of different destinations with outdoor activities to be enjoyed. Not to mention that most of these places have a massive demand for workers, and are likely to have the party scene that you might be looking for. Western Canada, as it’s endowed with beautiful mountain ranges, forests, and an island-strewn coast on the Pacific Ocean, offers some of the best places to call home for a few months. As a young foreigner coming to Canada to work, here are some of the most fun and outdoorsy places to get a job:

Whistler olympics

Whistler, as a host of the 2010 winter Olympics, is one of the most popular places in the country to look for work as a foreigner. Since Canada is well known for winter sports many foreigners will be drawn to towns tucked between mountains and surrounded by snowy slopes. Whistler is full of opportunities for seasonal jobs directly involving the ski hills, but there is also an abundance of service industry jobs at hotels, hostels, and restaurants because of the immense numbers of tourists who visit the town. Only a short drive from Vancouver along the beautiful Sea to Sky highway, Whistler is easily accessible and is certainly one of the most appealing places in the country to get work for a foreigner. Especially if you like to hit the slopes.


Banff is yet another beautiful destination full of job opportunities. Seated in the Rocky Mountains between striking peaks and unique rock formations, Banff is a great place for winter sports and summer sports. Rock climbing, hiking, and mountain biking are just some of the outdoor sports to be done in Banff in the summertime, and meanwhile you’ll get to enjoy stellar views of geologic remnants of the last Ice Age: The Rocky Mountains. Like Whistler, Banff is full of sports-related jobs and service industry jobs, and both towns have a vibrant foreigner-centric party scene.              oking for.o be enjoyed.

Tofino, British Columbia

If you’re into West coast free-spirit culture, if you like crashing waves, lush rainforests, and being far away from the city, Tofino, British Columbia is the place for you. The main attractions in Tofino, BC are the waves. Visitors come from all over the world to surf these Pacific Ocean swells and indulge their senses in the unique and breath-taking landscape that surrounds them. When most of us think of surfing, we think of California palm trees, white sand, and blonde surfer babes, but Tofino is quite a different experience. First of all, the water is cold so you’ll need a wet suit. But don’t worry, after five minutes of braving those waves your blood will be pumping and your body temperature will sky rocket. Also, since it doesn’t get much hotter than 20 degrees in the summer, and the wind blows moisture ashore, there tends to be low hanging fog over the beach in the morning that clears up in the afternoon. Although the beaches are made up of soft beige sand, the perimeter of many beaches is lined with ominous black craggy rocks (be careful while surfing and stay a good distance from the end of the beach). The crashing waves, the fog, and the black rocks, paired with the emerald green rain forest that lies beyond the beach makes for a moody and beautiful scene. Once again, Tofino is full of job opportunities and the abundance of foreign workers/travelers creates a party scene that will not be hard to find.


If you love the thrill of outdoor sports, if you relish in sights of natural beauty, and if you’re looking to settle down in a new place for a few months, Western Canada offers you an abundance of great options. Pick one, show up at the local hostel, meet some other foreigners, then hunker down with a job at a local resort, and enjoy outdoor activities without the pressure of a too-short vacation.

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