Backpackers Guide to Olympos, Turkey

I planned to stay 3 nights here in Olympos and that was 2 weeks ago… After travelling around Europe i was missing that relaxed feel of South East Asia. That feeling where going to the beach is enough to feel like you didn’t waste your day. Where the locals are smiling and happy you are traveling to their country. And where the pace is so slow and relaxed that chatting with the travelers in your accommodation about their lives is more interesting than any city you can explore. Olympos truly is the must have bohemic destination of any European travelers itenary and a must see while in Turkey.


Why Visit Olympos

Olympos is a great destination for backpackers; it’s cheap, the weather is warm and there are many other backpackers. Olympos isn’t for the party travelers, but for backpackers who want to spend their nights drinking beers in their hostel, then head out for some live music and finishing the night dancing away to reggae music while eating a meatball sub.

Where to stay

I am staying at Bayrams Tree houses. The cost is 120 LT for a double private in the famous tree houses and 45 LT for a bed in a 6 person dorm. The price includes a basic breakfast and a fantastic dinner. The common area is large with lots of lounges and is a great atmosphere to meet new people. The hostel is only a 10 minute walk to the beach which makes it perfect for multiple visits a day. The staff are friendly and the lunch menu is full of really delicious options for 10 LT. This place is great for backpackers but also families and on the weekend is packed with Turkish families. You can book here or check out more information here

Common Area at Bayrams Tree houses, Olympos

Another place to stay is Kadirs Tree houses. Kadirs is home to the original tree houses of Olympos. The cost is 110 LT for a double private room and 50 LT for a dorm. This hostel includes 2 bars and a night club which is open all night. Many people come to Kadirs to drink the night away making it the party hostel of Olympos. The cost includes free entry to the bars, breakfast and dinner. This destination is further from the beach (about a 30 minute walk) but offers a shuttle service. This hostel is more for backpackers and is catering to a younger crowd. You can book here or check out more information

Kadirs Tree Houses in Olympos

I stayed at Bayrams as it is closer to the beach, the accommodation is nicer in my opinion and its pet friendly. But it didn’t stop me wondering up to Kadirs in the evening to hangout with in the backpacker crowd.

What there is to do in olympos

If lounging around the hostel and beach isn’t enough for you there are many other activities.

The flaming rocks of Chimaera

At night you can take a trip to the Chimaera. In the Chimaera there are about a dozen flames that burn on the side of the mountain, the fire is fueled by methane gas that issue through the vents. The fires are called Yanartaş in Turkish and have been burning for at least 2500 years. The site is something to see as it is the biggest emission of abiogenic methane discovered on land so far.

Take some hot dogs and marshmallow and take the trip up to the forever burning fires. The trip costs 25 LT from Olympos and entails a 45 minute bus ride, followed by a 30 minute uphill hike and 1 hour checking out the flames before heading back.

Water activities

The water in Olympos is the perfect temperature and calm so their are many activities available at the beach.

You can hire a kayak for 30 LT an hour, go diving for 100 LT or go on a day boat trip for 90 LT. You can organise these activities at any tour agency.

Olympos Beach

Rock climbing

Rock climbing is also a popular activity in Olympos. The town is inside a valley giving the feeling of being in a rock enclosure. From the rocks you will get an amazing view of the town and out onto the ocean. You can check out the options here.

How to get to Olympos

From Antalya you can get a mini van from the bus station which cost 20 LT with one transfer. Mini vans run every 30 minutes and there is no need to book in advance. You can also get a taxi for around 150 LT from Antalya.

How long to stay in Olympos

As i said i am 2 weeks in. But i love the feel here; the relaxing pass, warm weather and beach bumming. But after 2 nights you will be able to see the town and hang out that beach – and even fit in an activity.

Getting to the olympos beach

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On the way to the beach you will pass some ruins. These ruins are interesting but nothing special. But because of the ruins you must pay to get to the beach. If you are interesting in ruins check out the ruins at Ephesus, Turkey. 

The price is 20 LT for a day pass per person which is a rip off. BUT, you can ask for a 10 entry pass for 7.5 LT which lasts forever and can be used by multiple people. It is not listed on the price list at the ticket office but just ask for it.

What to eat!

Turkey is famous for there delicious street foods and deserts! These are our top Turkish street foods and top Turkish desserts.

So now its time for you to head to Olympos, Turkey! 


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