Angel’s Burger

Known, by Westerners like me, as the White Castle of the Philippines, Angel’s Burgers is a growing hamburger franchise that serves delicious little baby hamburgers. The fluffy little suckers are possibly the cheapest burgers in the world and the perfect midnight snack, after a long night of drinking.

Angel’s cheeseburgers come in a buy 1 get 1 deal for 37 psp (Philippine pesos), approximately $0.78, regular hamburgers are buy 1 get 1 for 27 psp. One person, locked behind yellow bars, working as the burger flipper and server throws the hamburger patties and sweet buns on the griddle. Inside the small building are shelves stacked to the ceiling holding only plastic bags filled with fresh hamburger and hotdog buns. After the patties are cooked with cheese and the buns are warmed on the griddle they get topped with banana ketchup, a sweet Filipino favorite, and mayonnaise. They then get put into a doggy bag. The patties are a little thin and too small for the regular sized buns. But, the patties taste good and go well with the white cheese and dressing. Although, I think the banana ketchup is a little too sweet. You can also order soft drinks with your meal. If you are like me and do not like the taste of the sweet banana ketchup, feel free to ask them to hold it, you can add your own dressing.

Angels Buger

Angel’s hamburgers does not pretend to be healthy. They serve hamburgers and hotdogs served with no veggies, just like God intended. They are open 24-7, so they are there whenever you want ’em. Who knows what is all in the meat, but for less than a dollar for two baby burgers, who cares. Angel’s Hamburgers are very popular with Filipinos and are popping up everywhere because they are cheap, easy to eat, and overall pretty decent burgers. They are cheaper than most of their contenders and both the beef patty and sweet bun have a good flavor. Made in small vending stalls, these popular hamburgers can be found wherever you look in the Philippines.

My first Angel’s Hamburgers hamburger was in Panglao, Bohol nearby Alona Beach, a big tourist beach. The stall is near many bars, restaurants and dance clubs in town. Hence the eating Angel’s Hamburgers at midnight or later after a night of drinking. There are multiple stalls around Panglao island.

Next time you go out for a drink with your friends, or if you are looking for a cheap as dirt meal that will get you full, take two steps and ta-da you have found a friendly, yellow Angel’s Hamburger stall. Cough up your 27 pesos, or 37 pesos if you want cheese and enjoy your juicy burger. You will not regret getting a taste of this hot Filipino fad.

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