A taste of Marrakech

Marrakech is a city of old, dating back hundreds of years. The city literally seeps with stories untold dating back generations. The buildings often look dead and forgotten, but is teaming with life within its walls. The medina is a hustling bustling centre of attention with the biggest array of souks selling anything from jewelry to carpets to their finest quality pottery jars. Often, down these narrow streets you will see motorbikes, donkeys, and carts hurrying around while they deliver their goods. Behind these streets, you can witness the natural dying process of all the materials, with them hanging above you to dry.

scarves marakech


You can buy some of the most beautiful scarves for a pretty penny. You can pop your head in a shop and buy Moroccan sweet paprika alongside the original birthplace of Argan Oil. You may come across a tannery, which is a long age traditonal process of tanning hides of animal skins. You may buy them, or choose to cleanse your nostrils elsewhere if it’s too much. If you don’t fancy your hand at bartering, you may head to the plaza where you can watch snake charmers entice snakes with a pungi or bansuri. Women can come up to you and grab your hand to give you henna designs. Be careful, as these people tend to extort money from you.


All this action will create hungry work, so why don’t you sit down for a Tagine cooked in a traditional crock pot? (This is a slow cooked savoury stew) and a nice cup of jasmine tea? If the hustle and bustle has got to much, then it’s perfect to settle into a Hamman (a Moroccan spa), where you can breath in the natural salts and steam all the badness from your body. Bliss. You are completely naked while they scrub and clean your body down. Next, they will leave you in the sauna like steam room, and leave you for a while. They will then take you out and start the same process over again and again, until you leave smelling like a Moroccan Princess or Prince.




The massage to finish with is the cherry on top. They have the most amazing old architecture that smells of history. Castles, palaces, museums, townhouses, old schools, and mosques; you are hardly short of places to explore. With the people coming from Berber and Arabic religions, they have built some of the most stunning mosques lined with Gold. You can find yourself staying in rooms that are so beautifully decorated, lost amongst swathes of courtyards, open rooftops and staircase upon staircase. The national language is French, so make sure you brush up on your French skills! For night time entertainment, why don’t you head to one of the general villas? It might not seem like much, but behind closed doors is a bar where belly dancers perform until 1am. It is a visual treat and a must do while you’re there.

Morocco certainly is a sensory overload and will shock your eyes, ears, nostrils, tastebuds and fingertips, leaving you asking for more. It’s a place you’ll never forget.

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