A Perfect Day in Pai

A perfect day in Pai would be a day of luxury, from calming natural surroundings, hippy vibes, great food, easy availability of weed and land formations. Without even mentioning the interesting and friendly Thai culture, warm weather and cheapness you cannot have a bad day in Pai.

Screenshot (6)Eat Breakfast at Boomelicious

Start your day out right with breakfast at Boomelicious. With gushing TripAdvisor reviews this place is hardly a secret. It is, however, worth the hype. If you’re accustomed to a good Saturday or Sunday brunch, then as a traveler you’ve probably been missing a proper serving of
eggs. As a brunch addict, I’m always searching for a delicious Eggs Benedict and this one does not disappoint.


Swim Secret Hot Spring

The free (and useful) maps of Pai feature nearby hot springs. However, at 300 baht for the entrance fee, they’re expensive. Moreover, it’s usually so hot out that getting in the hot water adds only further unwanted warmth. Instead, consider taking the 45 minute drive north of Pai to discover the “secret” hot springs. The entrance fee is only 30 baht per person (including the fee for a motorbike). Be prepared for a very hilly ride! Although the “secret” springs are small, they offer a more secluded and not quite as hot, but more enjoyable, experience than the springs that Pai is known for. Get there early as more people in on the “secret” tend to arrive later.

 Screenshot (10)



Enjoy the Scenery

After relaxing in the springs continue driving north to enjoy the relatively untouched scenery. Again, it’s a hilly ride, but you will be rewarded with sun dappled mountains, rippling streams, and quiet roads.

Eat Lunch at Maya Burger Queen

Finding a yummy and affordable burger while traveling is like searching for the Holy Grail. Burger Queen is a fitting name because after savoring every bite of your burger you will be ready to hail the queen, any queen! For less than 150 baht you can try one of Burger Queen’s scrumptious and unique burgers. Burger Queen certainly trumps Burger King any day!

Frolic in Waterfalls

Screenshot (9)Your time in Pai wouldn’t be complete without a visit to a waterfall. Depending on your time, choose between going to Mor Paeng Waterfall or Pembok Waterfall or both! Pembok is closest to the land split and has a ledge you can jump off of , while Mhor Phaeng is a bit further away but includes an area that lets you slip down a rock like a slide!

Relax at the Land Split

Seven years ago a farmer awoke to discover that some of his precious farmland had been ravaged. Through the years the split has only continued to lengthen and widen. Instead of bemoaning his misfortune, he welcomed tourists, making it into a must-see destination. It’s not the split itself that is so remarkable, rather it’s the opportunity to walk around, see the split, and drink some roselle tea and eat other snacks that come from the farmer’s remaining land. There are no posted prices. Instead you pay what you would like in a donation box. There’s something about not being required to pay that makes you actually want to pay. Bring a book or friend and just relax.

Watch the Sunset at Pai’s CanyonScreenshot (8)

Pai’s Grand Canyon is the perfect place to watch the sunset. If you’re feeling brave, ditch your shoes and walk along the wandering ledges away from the groups of tourists. Once you’re sufficiently far away, take a seat and marvel over the setting sun alighting the hills and trees.

Sample Street Food

After a full day of exploring you’ll be ready for food. For dinner, peruse the night market and sample different local street food. Food stalls are aplenty. However, be warned that Thai food can be very spicy. You’ll get the chance to have an affordable dinner and try lots of different foods. Some of the foods that will see on the night market is sushi, dumplings, home made ice cream and much much more.



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