A Guide to Siloam Sauna, The Best Jjimjilbang in Seoul

Jjimjilbangs are Korean bathhouses, but they are also much more than that. They are a wonderful place to relax alone or with friends, as they are convenient and inexpensive. Jjimjilbangs can be confusing to foreigners, but with this guide you’ll know what to expect.

Finding inexpensive accommodation in Seoul can be difficult. Therefore, spending a night at a jjimjilbang is a great option for a night. In particular, Siloam Sauna is located within walking distance of Seoul Station, which makes it a convenient choice if you are coming or going to the airport. To get to Siloam Sauna exit Seoul Station to the Lotte Market back exit. Take a right and walk about 30 meters to the traffic light. Go left and walk up the slope. Admission is about 15,000 wan. Jjimjilbangs are open 24 hours a day, another very convenient aspect.

jjimjilbang seoul

Once you’ve paid you’ll receive a shoe locker key. Walk into the locker room area and put your shoes in the locker. Then bring that key to the reception desk. You’ll receive a locker key, two towels, a pair of shorts, and a t-shirt. Put your belongings, the change of clothing, and everything that you’re wearing in the locker. That’s right, you walk around completely naked. The area with the baths is gender separated so there’s nothing to feel uncomfortable about.

Walk downstairs to the baths and shower. You’ll see mothers, children, grandmas, aunties, and friends scrubbing each other down and lounging in the baths. You can choose from the mist or stone sauna or one of the baths—mugwort, jade, loess, and salt—or get a body scrub and massage (it costs extra but is worth it). Each bath offers different aid. For example, the jade bath is meant to calm you and the charcoal bath is meant to extract impurities. Once you’ve finished go back to the locker room and put on the change of clothing you were given.

Then you have your choice of fomentation rooms. There are salt, loess, oxygen, hardwood charcoal, and jade fomentations room. Each room supposedly has different health benefits. Many boast that they help with aging and your metabolism. Even if you don’t believe the health claims, it’s fun to explore all of the different options and you will definitely feel more relaxed.

jjimjilbang seoul

Once you’re sufficiently relaxed checkout the other areas. There are fitness facilities and entertainment areas with televisions. There’s even a restaurant for when you’re hungry. If you’d like you can get some cosmetic services such as manicures and pedicures.

Most jjimjilbangs provide you with a blanket and pillow to sleep in a common area on the floor. One of the unique aspects of Siloam Sauna is that there are bunk beds so you get an individual bed. This gives you more privacy and ensures that you don’t accidentally get stepped on. If you’re a light sleeper or heavy snorer fear not, there is a separate room for snorers.

There is only one downside to Siloam Sauna. It does not have wifi or universal outlets, which are often necessities while traveling. Just make sure to bring an adapter or charge your electronics before coming. Embrace the chance to literally and figuratively unplug and you might find that you enjoy it all the more.


For even more info visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jjimjilbang

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