6 Cheap Diving Destinations for the Budget Diver

Diving can be a high cost sport but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to see what the sea has to offer! Here are six cheap diving destinations that won’t cost you an arm and a fin and prove to be worth every penny.

Cozumel, Mexico

 Cheap Diving Destinations
Diving in Cozumel

Mexico’s largest Caribbean island offers not only great dive prices but cheap street food and flights from the US. Stretch your dollar south of the boarder when you look for dive and accommodation packages and avoid pricy resorts. Dive-and-stay packages are common throughout the island but if a little space and quite is what you need after a long day of diving, there are many options on the island that won’t break the bank, leaving you more cash for what you love.


 Cheap Diving Destinations

Easily accessible from both Europe and the United States this Caribbean island offers some of the best shore dives around. The whole island is set up for divers, with each shore dive marked next to the road with yellow stones, not to mention every site’s marine park protection. Great for experienced divers who can grab their gear and go, with most dives accessible from land. And if that’s not enough the island is covered with drive-through tank filling stations to keep you out in the water longer. DIY diving doesn’t get any better.

Koh Tao, Thailand

 Cheap Diving Destinations
Diving in Thailand

The islands of Thailand offer eye-popping coral reefs and a slew of different tropical fish, but also cheap accommodation and diving making it a favourite for those seeking cheap diving destinations. Though there are hundreds of dive shops throughout many of the islands of Thailand, all with something different and unique to offer, Koh Tao serves as a mecca for divers all over the world. For as little as 600 baht you can join the millions of other divers who have plunged into the water and seen the coral reefs fringing Turtle Island. With more than 50 different dive shops, you’ll be sure to have plenty of options for sights and prices to get the best dive package for your diving wants and needs. Check out Learning to Dive in Koh Tao


 Cheap Diving Destinations
Diving in Philippines

Home to the world’s coral triangle and one of richest concentrations of marine life, it’s no wonder the Philippines is on our list. For as little as 1000 pesos you can get off the beach and into the water and see all the island nation to offer. Finish your dive off with some chicken adobo and cold beer for as little as 3USD and your wallet will be thanking you that the Philippines was your chosen dive destination.


Europe’s up-and-coming hot destinations is still one of the cheapest nations along the Adriatic coast. With hundreds of islands, bays, and coves, Croatia is sure to keep any diver busy for days. Great for European’s, whose initial cost of travel is little-to-nothing. Enjoy the laid-back life the Mediterranean has to offer at prices you can’t find in the EU.

Roatan, Honduras

 Cheap Diving Destinations
Diving in Honduras

Affordable accommodations and cheap eats are not the only thing Honduras has to offer. The Bay Islands are home to many top dive destinations. For as little as $30 you can see the priceless underwater scenery the Bay Islands have to offer, including regularly spotted seahorses, rare black corals and a host of wrecks, not to mention the chance to spot a whale shark. A suggested dive center – Mary’s place, Roatan, Honduras

Other Cheap Diving Destinations

Belize, Cambodia (Koh Rong), Palau, Sabah, Indonesia (Gili).

Other destination in the Philippines: Pangalo, Cabilao, Balicasag, Bohol.

Other destinations in Thailand: Koh ChangKoh Kut, Similan Islands.

If you aren’t restricted to just cheap diving destinations check out The most Astonishing Diving Spots in Australia.

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2 thoughts on “6 Cheap Diving Destinations for the Budget Diver

  1. Bill Stewart Reply

    Interesting that Coron, Philippines made the list… It’s main claim to fame is the largest concentration of WW II wrecks in SE Asia. What the article states is not necessarily untrue, but if wrecks are not your thing there are much better, cheaper, and more easily accessible places to dive in the Philippines. If you dive with your own gear or are an underwater photographer there will be logistical hurdles as flights have pretty strict restrictions on baggage. Better choices for overall diving, in my opinion would be Puerto Galera or Malapascua…. You can find good deals there if you look and easier to get to from the international airports in Manila and Mactan-Cebu respectively.

  2. Andy Reply

    Bang on Bill. Peurto Galera dives are around £15 with a non resort outfit, 30 plus sites takes away the need for travel…….which in the Phillipines is a huge bonus!

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